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The Grand: New Katy Mall Set to Open in 2012

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UPDATE: 7/30/2009 – The project has been put on hold (indefinitely).  The land is now for sale. See links in the comments below.

Simon Property Group, the Indianapolis based commercial real estate developer behind Katy Mills Mall (as well as 383 other commercial developments across America), is in the process of developing a brand new 1.1 million square foot open-air shopping mall named “The Grand” on the north side of I-10 in between Grand Parkway (99) and Mason. It will occupy the large area just behind the Gand Parkway Cinemark and will be visible from the Katy Freeway.

The Grand aims to fill a void in Katy by offering upscale shopping and department stores previously unaccessible to Katy residents without a long drive into Houston. Major department stores including Macy’s and Dillard’s (180,000 sq. ft. each) are confirmed in addition to Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, and 300,000 sq. ft. available for small shops and restaurants.

In the heart of the fastest growing area in Houston is The Grand—designed to bring upscale shopping to a wide variety of affluent consumers in West Houston. A beautifully designed, lushly landscaped complex, The Grand and The Grand Promenade will be easily accessible from all areas of Houston. Open-air, super regional town center will feature a mix of traditional and fashion department stores, big box tenants, specialty retailers and unique restaurants.- Simon Property Group

The Grand’s stores will compete for local shoppers with LaCenterra, Katy Mills Mall, the Villagio, and other mixed-use retail centers recently opened in the Katy area. Check out project progress at Simon Property Group.


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  • Shaun

    Nice to see we’ll have some more department stores nearby. Always thought it was weird that Katy Mills never had any (since I moved here in 2005).

  • The Red Zone Katy

    Looking forward to the continuing growth of Katy. Soon Katyites wont have to travel 30+ miles to shop and get dolled up for The Red Zone Night Club and Sports Bar!

  • Carson Coots

    Shaun – Yea it will be nice to not have to burn gas to get to the good stores. Pretty soon we may run out of reasons to leave Katy.

    Red Zone – Wow, nice plug. I’m going to let that one slide on account of creativity, and the use of the word “Katyite”.

  • sharon zheng

    hi, who should i talk to rent a space to open business in the grand mall. Thank You.

  • Vwalla

    I am sure you can contact Simon Group & they can shoot in the right direction.

  • Jesus

    With the economic trend and so many stores closing, I’m glad to catch a glimse of what the future holds for Katy and the possitive prediction of a better economy in the short years to come…

  • Lilian

    I’m so excited. I have lived in Katy for 9 years and I am happy to see that I won’t have to drive so far to get to the nearest mall.

  • Wayne Howell

    Just what the world needs. More malls and more developing of lands! What an eye sore. Developement SUCKS!! Pretty soon Houston will be butting up against San Antonio. Leave wll enough alone!

  • Julie Fuelling

    Is the development still on track for a 2010 opening?

  • Carson

    Yeah, what is up? I just checked the Simon site and it looks like it has been removed from the “on the horizon” list. I did some searches and got nowhere. Someone needs to contact them to find out if they have put it on hold, because I can’t find anything.

  • Carson


    I feel your pain, but development happens. As I drive, I always think about the huge responsibility developers have…commercial and residential. They are the artists that paint our landscape, whether we like it or not. Large projects such as this mall make a big impact on Katy lifestyle, and more attention should be paid to the long-term outcome. This is not only for our residents, but for the businesses that lease/buy property that is developed.

    Since Katy is one of the fastest-growing areas in the US, you should naturally expect this to happen while living here. Other areas are experiencing very slow growth… and this is appealing to some people. Many Katy citizens welcome growth, as long as it fits their vision for the community.

    It would help if you voiced specifically what you would like to see changed about how land is developed, and/or what should be improved to fit a sustainable, long-term vision for the life of the community. We have to deal with the fact that development happens one way or another.

  • Lisa ( Katy resident )

    I have found it necessary to drive to First Colony Mall for most of my department store needs. I will be pleased to have some of their anchor stores closer to home. One thing I hope “The Grand” will have are hundreds of shade trees throughout the parking lots. I believe it would behoove the developer to incorporate a large quantity of shade trees into their parking design. Not only does it lend a charming quality to the overall appearance of the location, but it benefits the customers when they don’t have to enter a vehicle that has been sitting in the unrelenting heat and direct sun. I am also hopeful we will soon see the addition of some new restaurants in the area such as Carrabas and The Cheese Cake Factory.

  • Carson Coots

    I agree with every one of your suggestions, Lisa.

  • michael

    I noticed that the development sign on the feeder road next to I-10 has been removed, and I also noticed that the mall info has dropped from the website. I sent them a message asking for an update. I’ll post here as soon as I get it.

  • Lisa

    I actually emailed the Simon company (via their website) asking about the future of this development. Although I never received a response, it was shortly thereafter that I noticed the signs were down. Looks like another company is now selling the land…………??

  • kimmi

    im excited to see it when the construction is finished and it finally opens. i think that katy mills and that mall in cinco ranch are gonna have some hard competition. but i hope they put in alot of new stores cuz im tired of having to drive all the way into houston to shop at cheaper places.

  • Carson Coots


    “Simon Property Group Inc. appears to be pulling back on plans for a proposed Katy mall project that’s been on the drawing board for more than a decade…

    “Morris summed up the company’s position in a written statement: “Simon Property Group is still working on development plans for that land, although we can’t at this time say when we’ll start that development. A sale of some land has always been contemplated on this site, which we envision as a mixed-use project. Page Partners represents our interests at a number of properties, so this really isn’t anything out of the ordinary.”

    Read the report at:

    The Houston real estate blog, “Swamplot” recently commented as well:

  • sohail Ahmed

    Is the project “The Grand” has been put off OR simon Property Group is still going ahead with the construction ? and what is the opening date?

  • sohail Ahmed

    Is the Grand still on or the project has been put off ?

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