Matt Czuchry Is Finally Confirmed for American Horror Story Season 12!

Matt Czuchry

Has Matt Czuchry’s participation in American Horror Story season 12 on FX been confirmed officially? There is no doubt that we have been anxiously awaiting word on this for some time! Around the time his Fox television program The Resident was canceled, there were initial rumors that the actor would be joining the horror anthology. … Read more

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Power Book II: The Saxe, Season 3, Episode 7: Mole Twist!

Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 7

It s been a long time coming, but the events of Power Book II: Ghostseason 3 episode 7 brought us to an inevitable place. There was only so long that Cooper Saxe was going to be able to sit on the fence without someone finding out and now they have. Close to the end of … Read more

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The Mandalorian a Recent Addition to Disney+? New Season 4 Expectations!

The Mandalorian

Is The Mandaloriannew this week on Disney+? After what you saw last week, we do think things have been set up rather interesting! Din Djarin now may be doing some tangential work for the New Republic, Mandalore now has more stability, and the future is wide open for more adventures. Rather interestingly, though, there was … Read more

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Episode 10 of Season 5 of Magnum PI Ratings: Hope during the hiatus?

Magnum Pi Season 5 Episode 10 Ratings

For the final time this spring, we have live ratings for Season 5 of Magnum PI to report on. So what are the main lessons learned this time? Let’s start off by looking at the numbers. According to early live+same-day ratings, Charlie Foxtrot last night attracted 3 million total viewers and a 0.2 rating in … Read more

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Len Goodman: Ballroom Dancer and Judge on “Dancing with The Stars” Has Died at Age 78!

Stars judge Len Goodman

This morning, some tragic and absolutely stunning news surfaced. Famous dancer and former Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman has passed away. Age-wise, he was 78. Goodman’s manager Jackie Gill provided the following statement to BBC News after his passing: It is with great sadness that we announce the gentle passing of Len Goodman, … Read more

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Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 7 Spoilers: The Final Before the Finish!

Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7

You will witness something monumental in Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7 the next week. Remember where we are right now, after all! There are still a lot of stories to be told even though there are just two episodes left. Remember the current situation first and foremost. Although John Weir has finally discovered the … Read more

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Succession Episode 5 of Season 4: Kendall and Roman in Trouble?

Succession Season 4 Episode 5

All eyes will be on Kendall and Roman as we get ready to see Succession season 4 episode 5 on HBO tomorrow night and for good reason. Because they are now serving as co-captains of the Waystar Royco ship, they have more authority than they have ever actually had. They have the chance to truly … Read more

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