Cunk on Earth Where to Watch: Is It Streaming on Netflix?

cunk on earth where to watch

This new Philomena Cunk spoof documentary series on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer marks the character’s long-awaited comeback. Philomena Cunk has widened her sights in Cunk on Earth, a six-part documentary that emphasises the big picture. With her usual blend of intelligence and the fantastic, she focuses in on nothing in particular to describe the … Read more

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Where to Watch the Winchesters: Is It Streaming on Vpn?

where to watch the winchesters

It’s time for everyone to get online and see The Winchesters since the history of the Supernatural franchise goes way back. And, of course, Jensen Ackles is coming along for the ride. So, Dean Winchester won’t be a major player in the show. Each episode of this Ackles-narrated series will focus on a different fan … Read more

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Where to Watch Terrifier 2: Is It Streaming on Hulu?

where to watch terrifier 2

The 2016 horror film “Terrifier,” directed by Damien Leone, ended with Art the Clown killing himself after being accused of mutilating Victoria Heyes by the police. This new film, “Terrifier 2,” picks up where the first film left off. In addition to being written and directed by Damien Leone, the thriller also stars David Howard … Read more

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Where to Watch the Woman King: Is It Streaming on Netflix?

where to watch the woman king

Theaters have been hit with “The Woman King.” Gina Prince-Bythewood (“The Old Guard”) oversaw the production of this drama set in West Africa in the 1800s, based on a narrative by Maria Bello and a storyline by Dana Stevens. Many interviews have been given by Viola Davis (who also produced the film) and director/writer/producer Gina … Read more

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Smile Movie Where to Watch: Is It Streaming on Paramount+

smile movie where to watch

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to add one more scary movie to your queue. The horror thriller Smile, based on the 2020 short film Laura Hasn’t Slept by director Parker Finn, premiered in late September to rave reviews. The protagonist, played by Sosie Bacon, is a therapist named Dr. Rose Cotter who bears … Read more

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Where to Watch Karate Kid: Is It Watch on Amc+

where to watch karate kid

The Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai, has gone from a YouTube hit to a Netflix phenomenon, with viewers both old and new going back to watch the original films in the franchise. The Karate Kid films, which were out between 1984 and 1989, are still widely regarded as cultural landmarks. In the first two … Read more

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