Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and More Are Coming to Crunchyroll This Fall.!

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Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and More

There is a wealth of content to discover that spans every imaginable genre, making this the best moment ever to be an anime lover. Before streaming platforms made the decision to prioritize anime, hundreds of new anime series are released every year, and this constant flow of content used to be overwhelming.

There is no incorrect method to watch anime, but Crunchyroll has become the industry leader in subscription-based video-on-demand anime streaming.

Although Crunchyroll’s main areas of focus are distribution, licensing, and more recently anime production, the business has come a long way since its founding in 2006. All of the most popular anime from the fall 2022 season has now made Crunchyroll their home, more than 25 years later.

Since its inception, Crunchyroll has been a significant player in the SVOD market, but it has developed its service into the go-to place for anime for more than 100 million people worldwide.

Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and More

In the vast collection of Crunchyroll, there are over 1000 anime series, including both masterpieces from the past and the most recent trends. However, its offerings don’t end there; you can also browse a growing library of more than 80 manga titles.

Crunchyroll’s expanding customer base has also enabled the business to host increasingly unusual events, such as its annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards. In addition to launching the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2017, the company also launched Crunchyroll Expo, a fan conference that is still going strong six years later and has even grown to include a music festival.

By 2020, Crunchyroll will even have begun creating original anime programming under the Crunchyroll Originals brand. At this point, more than 15 series have resulted from this, including Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Tower of God, and So I’m A Spider, So What?

It’s a good idea to regularly check Crunchyroll for upcoming subtitled and dubbed content on the streaming schedule whenever a new anime season begins. Crunchyroll’s current fall 2022 calendar is genuinely packed with thrilling, ground-breaking shows, yet each season has its share of hits.

It is not uncommon for the most recent manga hits to spark a great deal of excitement, but Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has already ignited a fanatical fanbase.

Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and More

Chainsaw Man manga had improbable expectations to live up to, but it nevertheless succeeded in doing so. The brutal shonen series centers on Denji, an outcast who finds new hope after gaining the Chainsaw Devil’s power and turning into a ruthless vigilante who fights for the greater good.

The first episode of the subversive new anime Chainsaw Man has already garnered widespread praise. Chainsaw Man, like many other shows in Crunchyroll’s catalog, is available both in its original Japanese with subtitles and in dubbed versions in several languages.

This fall also sees the return of some of the decade’s most well-liked series. Chainsaw Man is certain to become the audience’s next big anime obsession. In the second season of the wildly popular sports anime, Blue Lock, the kinetic intensity of competitive soccer reaches new heights.

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The conflict between the heroes and villains in everyone’s favorite superhero/shonen combination, My Hero Academia, has never been more perilous as it celebrates its sixth season.

The psychically gifted ensemble of Mob Psycho 100 is also forced to step outside of their comfort zones as the Studio Bones favorite makes a triumphant comeback for its eagerly anticipated third season.

Spy x Family from the previous season is returning for more charming espionage with the Forgers for those who prefer a little wholesomeness with their crazy action sequences.

Fans of anime may binge-watch to their heart’s content thanks to Crunchyroll. But it also allows them to mix with another otaku, which is nice. Crunchyroll can interact with fans directly by maintaining a consistent presence at conferences around the world.

From October 28 to October 30, the MCM London Comic Con, one of the largest fan events in the UK, was placed. Thousands of loving fans gathered to watch screenings of some of Crunchyroll’s biggest blockbuster hits, including Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family.

The convention took place at the same time as a brand-new mural in Shoreditch was unveiled in honor of this fall’s returning favorites and the upcoming releases that are sure to become the next big pop culture trends.

The colorful mural includes episodes from the Supercharged autumn season as well as Crunchyroll’s distinctive orange-on-black color scheme. is anticipated to become a popular Instagram post among fans of street art, anime, and travelers. The painting will stay up until November 20, 2022, and has long been a favorite stop for fans of street art and anime.

Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and More

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Because everyone on the Crunchyroll team is an anime fan, whether it’s through a passionate mural, encouraging conventions, or the dozens of episodes meticulously selected for its streaming service, Crunchyroll knows how to celebrate anime.

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