Greer Responds to The Blackface Scandal and Other “Women Tell All” Revelations.

Greer Responds to The Blackface Scandal and Other "Women Tell All" Revelations

When Zach Shallcross met down with his season 27 Bachelor contestants for the Women Tell All, the most important revelations occurred before and after the lead took the stage.

In the Tuesday, March 14 episode, Brooklyn Willie and Kat Izzo were still at differences over the rodeo racer’s defense of Charity Lawson from when Kat kissed Zach before their one-on-one date on the episode from February 27. During Tuesday s installment, Brooklyn doubled down on calling Kat classless.

Kat exclusively revealed to Us Weekly at the taping last month, “I think that the terms that she used to characterize me were more of a reflection on her character than mine. I had already demonstrated what kind of lady I am by being consistently encouraging of all the females, so hearing it was painful. I am undoubtedly a girl.

I can therefore understand her annoyance at first, but I don’t think it was necessary for her to keep insulting me in that manner. It was just unpleasant. And all in all, it was a reflection of who she is and how she handles herself, not me.

Nonetheless, She Stated that She Had Reconciled with Brooklyn and Charity.

We’ve got it figured out. All of us are pals. We were fine, even in Budapest, Kat added. In these highly charged emotional times, I believe we all need to show grace to one another, and it’s never something I would refuse to be friends with someone over. I mean, I’m being gracious with her, and I believe she is, too. And we’re making every effort.

Greer Responds to The Blackface Scandal and Other "Women Tell All" Revelations

Later on in the Women Tell All, Jesse Palmer put Greer Blitzin in the hot seat to answer for her recently-resurfaced social media remarks defending Blackface.

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The presenter noted that the most upsetting posts were some in which you defended a student who had appeared in Blackface and Greer. “We’ve done a very lousy job as a franchise in the past of confronting important topics head-on, and we’re not going to lose that opportunity here tonight,” he said.

Although I am aware that you later apologized publicly, I do want to give you this chance to respond. Greer repeated her apology and then admitted that she had spent time with Dr. Kira Banks, a professor, and consultant for diversity, equity, and inclusion who was present in the audience.

When I met with Dr. Banks, she made me aware of how crucial it is to have an open mind. It’s crucial to ask questions and to consider before acting, according to Greer. Think before you speak and do your homework before saying something that could damage someone else. In order to comprehend why Blackface was bad and disrespectful, I looked up lectures.

Greer Responds to The Blackface Scandal and Other "Women Tell All" Revelations

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But, after doing the research I was able to complete, I only came to the conclusion that Blackface was a symbol for demeaning the Black community. So, what I said was incorrect. It was racist of me to support that girl with my words. And I want to accept responsibility for that. I don t want to excuse it.

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