How Idris Elba’s Enhanced Ending to Extraction 2 Made It More Emotional and Action-Packed

Cut to: Idris Elba with his back to the camera, speaking to a handcuffed Chris Hemsworth. “This place is like the goddamn Sound of Music, right?” Here is a modern hideout or house with a view of the Austrian Alps.

Here is also the last scene of Extraction 2, in which Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani), his partner, meet again after many days of jailbreaks, chases, and acts that put Austrian citizens in danger.

This last scene from Sam Hargrave and Joe Russo’s follow-up to 2020’s Extraction hints at a lot more to come from the franchise: According to the closed captions on Netflix, Elba’s “man” is asking Rake to come and do another job. Which could mean at least a third Extraction.

Extraction 2 starts right where the first one ended: with Tyler Rake badly hurt after falling off a bridge in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rake is still alive, and after some rehab at Walden Pond, Elba’s character recruits him for another rescue mission. This time, Rake’s sister-in-law and her children are being held captive by their jailed father and a Georgian crime boss.

The emotional arc of the movie, on the other hand, is about Rake’s relationship with his ex-wife Mia and his ongoing guilt over his son. (Many of the relationships between characters in the series, even the bad guys, feature a father, a son, and a mother.)

Rake couldn’t stand to see his child die from cancer, so he went back to Afghanistan. His son died while he was gone, and his wife divorced him. Rake also teamed up with Nic, which led to what happened in Extraction.

Extraction 2 tries to get to the bottom of Rake’s guilt and gives him a way to make up for his mistakes by saving someone else’s life. This is something that is needed in any half-baked emotional action movie. So, the same as the first Extract. Except different. In a way.

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At the End of Extraction 2, What Happens?

After rescuing his ex-sister-in-law and their children from Georgia, Rake, Nik, and Nik’s brother Yaz fight off an attack from their hideout in Austria, which isn’t very good. Zurab, the children’s uncle (played by Tornike Gogrichiani), is behind the attack because his brother died and he wants revenge. During the jailbreak, Rake kind of killed him.

The team manages to avoid the Georgian mafia and the local Austrian cops and get the children and their mother to a safer place. Yaz, on the other hand, dies in the run.

Zurab then tricks Rake into coming after him while he is hiding from the police. Rake does this because he wants to kill Zurab and fully protect his ex-wife’s family, as well as show his ex-wife that he isn’t completely useless. Thr

oughout the movie, Rake has also been in a war with his nephew, who goes back and forth between being loyal to his mother and his father. (There may be some irony in the way Rake treats his own kid, but we think it would be too much to try to figure it out.)

There is a shootout at the end of the argument. Zurab is killed. By betraying his uncle, Rake’s nephew redeems himself and Rake. With Nik in Rake’s arms like in Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” paramilitary police enter the church and arrest the two, ending the major action of the movie.

Extraction 2 Ending

After a fade to black, the next scene shows Nik living but chained to a hospital bed in Austria’s Schwarzau Prison. Rake is also shown at the Graz-Karlau Prison in Austria. (Their goal didn’t include getting help from local authorities, so it’s likely that the two were arrested for murder and causing trouble.)

In the next scene, Rake hobbles to a phone booth to talk to his ex-wife, Mia. She tells him that her sister and their children have moved to America under witness protection. Rake thanks Mia for “doing what I couldn’t” by being with their son when he died.

Rake thinks that their son’s last image of his father was watching him leave, which is what Mia says next. “Your leaving him wasn’t the last thing he saw of you,” Mia tells Rake. “You were the one going to save people.” His dying words were: “I want to be brave, like Dad.”

Even though the couple doesn’t get back together, Mia’s words give Rake the closure he needs to accept his bad choice about being a parent (and eventually go back to killing people, which is where the series will always go).

In the last scene, Rake is taken out of jail, reunited with Nik, and offered a new job, which seems to help get their prison sentences reduced.

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What Does the End of Extraction 2 Mean for The Rest of The Movies in The Series?

The ending opens more doors than it closes, which was a creative choice made by Russo and Hargrave to set up future Extraction movies.

Hargrave told Screen Rant about casting Idris Elba that “Joe [Russo] always wanted to expand the Extraction universe and fill it with super talented actors who could carry their own movies in this universe and start their own franchises.”

Extraction 2 Ending

So, casting Idris Elba was one of these choices made on purpose to grow the brand.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about future plans yet, but as viewing numbers come in, we’re likely to hear more. The first episode of Extraction came out on Netflix’s streaming service in April 2020. In May, Netflix announced plans for a second season.

If the show gets enough views, we might hear about Extraction 3 in the next few weeks. Who’s getting taken next?