Andor Recently Introduced Unexpected Rogue One Characters.!

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Andor Recently Introduced Unexpected Rogue One Characters.!

Spoilers for Star Wars: Rogue One and Andor can be found in this article.

Episode 8 of Andor, Narkina 5 has two more well-known actors in addition to Andy Serki’s return to the Star Wars universe: Forest Whitaker as Partisan leader Saw Gerrera and Duncan Pow as Ruescott Melish. While Mel is a prisoner in Cassian Andor’s unit on Narkina 5, Saw meets with Lutheran Rael to discuss future Rebellion intentions on the planet Segra Milo. These characters are crucial for the following reasons.

Since the Clone Wars, when he led Onderonian forces against the Separatists to free his native planet of Onderon from their domination, Saw Gerrera has played a significant role in the Star Wars universe. Gerrera and his militia are sent to be killed by Clone Squad 99 in The Bad Batch when they reject the Empire, but they disobey the order and leave Gerrera and his group to carry on their operations.

The crew of the Ghost in Rebels oftentimes disagreed with Saw because of his severe actions, yet they occasionally collaborated to learn more about the Empire’s strategies.

Andor Recently Introduced Unexpected Rogue One Characters.!

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However, Rogue One is probably how most people are familiar with Saw Gerrera. After her father was abducted by the Empire to build the Death Star, he raised Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), the movie’s main character. Additionally, Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed) searches for Gerrera on Jedha after leaving the Empire. Gerrera’s relationship with Jyn draws her into the Rebellion and ultimately puts her on the path to saving the galaxy, even though Rogue One may be the end of his journey; he perishes after the Death Star’s destruction of Jedha City.

Prescott Melshi plays a significant role in Rogue One even though he may not have the same amount of on-screen experience as Gerrera. Melish is a member of the Rebel task team that rescues Jyn from the prison transport at the beginning of the movie and transports her to Yavin 4. Melish assists Jyn in putting together a team to accompany her and Cassian on their mission to steal the Death Star blueprints once she learns that they are being kept on Scarif. Mel, who perishes along with the other Rebels on the mission, plays a crucial role in preventing the Imperial soldiers from seizing the plans before Jyn can deliver them to the Rebel Alliance.

Knowing where and when Melshi and Cassian first meet will make it interesting to watch how their relationship progresses and whether or not they decide to join the Rebel Alliance simultaneously. Thanks to Rogue One, we know how their stories end, but we don’t yet know how they both came to be important Rebellion operatives.

Andor Recently Introduced Unexpected Rogue One Characters.!

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It’s nice to see Gerrera and Melshi early on in the series as both the Rebellion and Cassian’s part in it are just getting started. Both of them will eventually play crucial roles in the Rebels’ plans to destroy the Death Star. Despite the fact that Gerrera will eventually operate independently from the real Rebel Alliance that Cassian and Melshi join, his background in combating repressive forces makes him an invaluable resource for the show’s expanding Rebel cause.

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