What Is a Woman Documentary Where to Watch: You Can Watch It on Netflix!

what is a woman documentary where to watch

What Is a Woman is a documentary directed by Justin Folk and produced by Dallas Sonnier. Transgenderism, gender affirmation, quick onset dysphoria, psychiatry, unfair competitiveness, woke culture, and references to sexual activity in humans are all addressed in the film.

Although the concerns appear easy, the documentary film poses questions to the audience that do not always have a straightforward response and delves deeply into the viewer’s personality. Let’s see where you can view this movie.

Where Can I Find a Woman Documentary?

The documentary What Is a Woman is only available on The Daily Wire, the conservative news website where Matt hosts his original podcast, The Matt Walsh Show. The film is exclusively available to subscribers via streaming.

So, if you want to watch the movie that answers the generation’s question, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly subscription to The Daily Wire, which costs roughly $14 per month.

You can also save $24 by subscribing to the yearlong plan, which costs roughly $144(12 USD/month).

Furthermore, a special deal is available for new users. If you choose an annual plan, it will only cost you $9 each month, or $108 per year. This 25% discount is only available to first-time users. So, if you haven’t tried TDW’s premium plan yet, this would be a good time to start.

Is the Documentary What Is a Woman Available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Matt Walsh’s documentary film is not now available on Netflix and is unlikely to be added in the future because it is a TDW original that is only available on the network where Matt presents his podcasts.

On the same network, you may view films about women’s lives such as Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screens, Pieces of Her, Enola Holmes, 365 Days, The Power of the Dog, The Unforgivable, Bruised, The Half of It, That 90s Show, and more.

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What Is a Woman Documentary Is Available on Amazon Prime?

The documentary film is not included in the standard Amazon Prime Video membership, which will frustrate Prime Video users.

The film is neither available for streaming in Amazon Prime’s massive content collection, nor is it available in the VOD area, where you may rent or purchase it for a fee.

If you want to watch the eye-opening movie, you must go to the original news network where Matt broadcasts his podcasts.

However, you may watch Wonder Woman, The Iron Lady, Promising Young Woman, Sicario, Annette, Suspiria, and more films that are related to this documentary on Netflix.

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How Can I See the Documentary What Is a Woman for Free?

A comparable short documentary film with the same name is also available for free on Kanopy, but the original Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman documentary is exclusively available to TDW website subscribers.

This free streaming network is also solely available to students and academics. To sign up for the free programme, you’ll need a library card or a university email address.

If you are a student or a professor at a university, you can see the movie for free. However, because the library system pays a modest price each time a film is checked out, you can only watch 10 movies per month on the streaming platform.

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Who Will Be Cast in The Documentary What Is a Woman?

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