Fact Checking Policy

At OnlyKaty, we take accuracy and credibility seriously. We understand that our readers rely on us to provide them with accurate and reliable information about celebrity trends, entertainment news, and technology. That’s why we have a strict fact-checking policy in place to ensure the information we publish is accurate and trustworthy.

Research And Verification

We conduct extensive research and verification for all the information we publish. We gather information from reputable sources, such as news outlets, official websites, and industry experts. We also verify information with the relevant parties before publishing.


We understand that mistakes can happen, and if we discover an error in an article we’ve published, we will correct it as soon as possible. If you come across an error in one of our articles, please contact us at [email protected]. We will investigate and correct any inaccuracies.


We believe in transparency and will clearly label any sponsored content or affiliate links. We will also disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may affect the integrity of our articles.

Standards Of Quality

We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality in our journalism. Our fact-checking policy is an integral part of our commitment to providing our readers with accurate and reliable information.