Rainn Wilson Says That While Making “The Office,” He Was “Mostly Unhappy”: “it Just Wasn’t Enough”

Rainn Wilson is talking about how he felt when he was working on The Office. The actor who gave life to Dwight Schrute throughout the nine seasons of the U.S. remake of the British sitcom created by Ricky Gervais was on the Bill Maher podcast Club Random where he admitted being on the show “wasn’t enough.”

Wilson said, “When I was on The Office, I was mostly unhappy for a few years because it wasn’t enough.”

He also said, “I’m on a great TV show. It’s very popular. It wasn’t fun for me. I was wondering, “Why aren’t I a movie star?” Why am I, not the next Will Ferrell or Jack Black? Why can’t I become a movie star? Why can’t I get this deal to build?'”

Wilson said, “He was making tens of millions of dollars. I wanted a lot of money, and I was famous on TV, but I wanted to be famous in movies. It never felt like enough.”

The actor shared the spotlight with Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Steve Carrell, whose fame also grew after being on the NBC comedy. But Kid Kid’ Men Mengs, Mengms, Mengs, Mengms, Mengs, Mengs, Mengs, Mengm, Mengs, Mengs, Mengs, Mengs, Santa Rosa Shooter, Skr Santa, Skr, Mengs, comit, Skr. After seven seasons, the star would leave the show to focus on making movies.

Wilson has appeared in movies like Peep World, Cooties, The Boy, Smurfs: The Lost Village, The Meg, Blackbird, and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story since The Office ended. Wilson has also kept making guest roles on TV shows like Backstrom, Star Trek: Discovery, Mom, Transparent, Utopia, and Dark Winds.

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Wilson is now the host of Peacock’s Rain Wilson and the Geography of Happiness, in which he travels to different places around the world looking for happiness. Check out the video below to see Wilson’s talk.