How to Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram

how to unblock someone on instagram

With millions of active users globally, Instagram is without a doubt a popular social media platform. Even though you want to share pictures and videos with your friends, you can run into a bully who makes derogatory remarks about you. Knowing how to block and unblock someone on Instagram in this situation will be helpful.

Instagram is a more welcoming and upbeat online community for all thanks to the blocking tool. On this social site, you can block the individual and reclaim your happiness if you find yourself the target of harassment or just want to get rid of them.

How to Use the Instagram App to Block Someone

When you block a user, they are unable to access your posts or stories or message you. They can’t engage with you and won’t show up on your list of followers. Notifying the person you block will not happen, thus they won’t be aware that they have been blocked.

There are subtle differences between blocking someone on a desktop and an app. To stop someone from using the Instagram app, follow the instructions below.

On Your Smartphone, Launch the Instagram App

Search for the person you want to block. You have two options: utilise the search function or browse the list of followers. To open the account, tap it when you see it.

The user who blocked you won’t be able to discover you, contact you, or post comments. They cannot access your Instagram profile via the app, but they can still look up your posts on the website. You may now enjoy sharing pictures and videos with your pals without being bothered.

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Instagram Website Blocking Instructions

Using a desktop computer is an additional technique to block someone on Instagram. If you don’t have the Instagram app on your phone, you can block a person by visiting the Instagram website. You won’t have any trouble performing it even though the steps are somewhat different.

Once you’ve blocked someone, neither you nor they will be able to see the postings you’ve made. Unblock the account whenever you decide otherwise to resume regular communication. You must therefore learn how to block and unblock users on Instagram.

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How to Unblock a Person on an App

Say the obnoxious person apologised on a different social media platform. You can share anything with them in the future if you unblock the account if you change your mind. Once unblocked, they will be able to read your post and contact you via messages exactly like before you blocked them.

The account has been unblocked, so you can interact normally now. The user will not get a notification, much like when you block the account. In other words, they are unaware of any Instagram blocking or unblocking that has taken place.

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Using a Website, How To Unblock Someone

You can unblock someone via a website without having to download the Instagram app. There are a few modifications, but the procedures are largely the same as when using an app. You can do it on a smartphone or desktop computer because it uses a browser.

You should be aware that blocking a user will result in the loss of a follower. They won’t be listed in your followers’ list. You are unable to search them using the Instagram app. But as soon as you unblock them, they’ll return to your list of followers.

Instagram provides a blocking feature so you can get rid of bothersome users in order to ensure your comfort while using the service. You can use Instagram to its fullest extent if you know how to block and unblock users.

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