2000 Mules Where to Watch? Who Plays Whoever in The Movie 2000 Mules?

During the 2020 presidential election, unnamed charitable groups allegedly paid Democrat-aligned mules to illegally gather and save ballots into collection boxes, according to the 2022 American political film 2000 Mules, produced by Dinesh D’Souza. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia were among the states that requested it of them. The streaming services listed below are where you may watch 2000 Mules.

According to the movie, the alleged behavior involved stash houses and ballot trafficking. Despite the fact that it has no proof that ballots were unlawfully gathered and deposited in drop boxes, Additionally, it makes no assertion that any ballots were cast in error. You must watch the story right away to learn the intriguing section.

Who plays whoever in the movie 2000 Mules?

  • As the narrator, Dinesh D’Souza
  • Engelbrecht, Catherine
  • Phillips, Gregg
  • Deborah D’Souza
  • Prager, Dennis
  • Craig Elder
  • Gorka, Sebastian
  • Kirk, Charlie
  • E. M. Metaxas
  • Stuart Walter
  • Theodore von Spakovsky
  • The Mule is Jacob Hyman

2000 Mules’ Plot

D’Souza assembles a “board of specialists” who appear to be having an unbiased discussion regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 election in the movie’s opening scenes. They make specific notice of alleged Democratic Party efforts to destabilize it. As a result, his main theme looks to have a true prelude.

2000 mules where to watch

D’Souza bases his argument on the idea that any test including a voter’s personal information, such as name, address, and signature, will rule out any counterfeit ballots. These bogus votes will thus not be counted. He also misinterprets the information from his cellphone, which is far too inaccurate to be able to find anyone within 15 feet of a voting place. More fascinating facts will be revealed in the film as you watch it, so keep watching.

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What place can I view 2000 mules?

Since its global launch on May 20, 2022, 2000 Mules has only been streaming inside US theaters. On the official website of the documentary, the film is also available on DVD for about $19.99.

The director has not yet announced the documentary’s official OTT launch date, but we can anticipate that it will be available on services like Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and perhaps Amazon Prime. There are no digital VOD platforms where you may rent or buy the movie.

Can I see the movie without paying anything?

2000 mules where to watch

No, there are no free ways to see the political documentary. There are relatively few options for viewing, so if you’re interested in seeing the entire film, you’ll need to reserve a seat at your local movie theater or buy the DVD from their website.

Movie Channels on Telegram

Do you know that you can watch high-quality movies on Telegram? Without paying a high monthly fee, you may watch any of your favorite movies on Telegram. Just download the Telegram app, choose the channel from which you want to download a movie, then tap the download icon. The movie will therefore download to the Telegram folder.

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Now, you may access any of the movie channels on Telegram and watch your favorite film. Also available on Telegram’s movie channels is 2000 Mules.


In the United States 2020 presidential elections, there was widespread voter fraud that had the potential to alter the outcome. This is the subject of the documentary film 2,000 mules.


Keep an open mind as you watch the movie. When the truth is revealed, it seems disturbing to the majority of spectators, thus it’s a good movie to watch if you aren’t prejudiced.

2000 mules where to watch

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The film, which is among D’Souza’s best works, reveals indisputable evidence of ballot harvesting. Even though it won’t change anyone’s time, the documentary has an IMDb rating of 6.7 out of 10, and it quickly became the most popular DVD within two weeks of its debut.