£49m Liverpool Player at Arsenal: ‘Worst News Possible’

This evening, Liverpool lost 3-2 at home against Arsenal.

The Reds are currently off to their worst Premier League start in ten years as Jurgen Klopp’s team sits 14 points adrift of the Gunners at the top of the table.

Additionally, Liverpool’s situation may worsen still.

Luis Diaz, who cost 49 million to acquire [Echo] in January, left the game early due to injury.

For Klopp, this is most definitely not the moment to lose another significant player to a long-term injury.

the way a former Liverpool left-back described it: On Twitter, Jose Enrique expressed his reaction to today’s incident at Arsenal.

Luis Diaz Injury

Yes, let’s hope he’s alright for the benefit of the Anfield team.

But there’s no doubt that Klopp and every Liverpool fan will be concerned because, in all honesty, they can’t afford to lose someone like Diaz – who ran straight down the tunnel – right now.

Keep in mind that the Reds are severely underperforming, and their point gap to Arsenal at the top of the Premier League is a fair representation of how they have performed so far this season.

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When Sadio Mane left for Bayern Munich in the summer, Klopp’s options for the left side of the attack were constrained because he didn’t buy another winger.

The obvious choice would be Diogo Jota, but given the Portuguese attacker’s own injury issues this year, it’s risky.