5 Things to Know About Dwayne Johnson’s Elderly Daughter Making Her WWE Debut About Ava Raine!

It’s time for Ava Raine to enter the ring! On Sunday, July 10, Simone Johnson, the eldest child of Dwayne Johnson, declared that she had joined the WWE. The Rock, 50, must be quite proud of Ava, 20, who is beginning her pro wrestling career just like her father did. Although she hasn’t yet competed in a match, she is certain to be a thrilling presence in the ring! Learn all there is to know about Ava here!

Ava made her first promotional video for WWE

Ava hasn’t yet competed in a match, but she did make her official entrance on Sunday, July 10 by cutting her first commercial. She made fun of Cora Jade and other professional wrestlers in her advertisement. According to Pro Wrestling Unlimited, spectators at an Orlando show captured Ava’s promo on camera. NXT 2.0 is personified by Ava Raine. I’m a brand-new thing.

5 Things to Know About Dwayne Johnson's Elderly Daughter Making Her WWE Debut About Ava Raine!

I am something fresh and something you have all been yearning for. I don’t need to enter the ring and declare that I am my father’s little rich girl, wrestle with a pillow or skateboard around the arena. I’m a complete mystery to you all, she continued. They will all collapse. except for me, all of them.

She is known as “The Final Girl.”

Simone already uses the stage name Ava Raine when performing, but she also mentioned her nickname in the advertisement before leaving. I am the Final Girl, I am Ava Raine, she declared. The title may be a reference to the 2015 movie The Final Girls, starring Malin Akerman and Adam Devine. The daughter of a scream queen is “drawn into the world of her mom’s most renowned movie” in the film, according to IMDb.

She has fought back against those who have denigrated her because of her father.

While The Rock did become famous as a pro wrestler, he is now an international superstar like Ava’s father. She comes from a long history of wrestlers because Dwayne’s father, Rocky Johnson, was also well-known. While many of her supporters are thrilled to watch her continue in her family’s footsteps, Ava has called out some of the critics. Find a new joke, she replied to a tweeter who suggested she go by the name “The Pebble.” She replied that she didn’t know why it was the emphasis when someone chastised her for not using her dad’s name in a reply.

5 Things to Know About Dwayne Johnson's Elderly Daughter Making Her WWE Debut About Ava Raine!

I don’t understand why people being depicted as independent individuals from their family name is such a contentious matter, she added, adding that she probably sounds like a broken record and hopes this is the last time she mentions it. “A name does not invalidate any previous achievements from any family,” Even though she called out the detractors, she acknowledged that it was unavoidable. People would still criticize her, she tweeted, even if she centered her career entirely around her father.

She has demonstrated social justice.

Ava has demonstrated her commitment to social justice in addition to her wrestling career. She has shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the right to safe abortions on social media. Following the murder of George Floyd in June 2020, she shared images from the protests that day. On Instagram, she has published numerous messages urging her followers to speak out.

5 Things to Know About Dwayne Johnson's Elderly Daughter Making Her WWE Debut About Ava Raine!

“Stand up for people of color when none are present. Learn about the continuous exploitation of Black and Brown communities. Please sign petitions and give money if you can. She said, in part, in one of her captions, “Speak up when you observe injustice, even if it makes people uncomfortable.

She enjoys watching scary films.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Ava Raine likes the horror subgenre given that her nickname appears to have been lifted from a horror film. She has uploaded pictures on her Instagram where she can be seen wearing Scream movie memorabilia and posting pictures from The Haunted Mansion. She doesn’t hold back when expressing her thoughts on horror films.

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