A Dark Mode for Google Chrome: Click Here for Details!

In software, web browsers, and operating systems, as well as on websites themselves, a user can select a “Dark Mode” or “Dark Theme” for a more subdued, minimalistic aesthetic. In dark mode, the opposite of the usual display—dark text on a light background—is shown. By lowering the screen’s brightness, “dark mode” reduces strain on the eyes and increases the battery’s lifespan. The only reason it’s utilized is that it looks nice.

How Can I Switch to Chrome’s Night Mode?

Chrome, like most Windows apps, switches to dark mode when the Dark Theme is activated. This does not, however, indicate that the content of all the webpages will conform to the Theme. For this reason, it is not strictly speaking a dark mode choice.

In Chrome, Make the Dark Theme the Default

A Dark Mode for Google Chrome: Click Here for Details!

There is currently no official dark mode for Windows users of Chrome. However, if you switch your PC to Dark mode, Chrome will automatically adjust to match.

That is to say, if you want a dark Theme to be the default for your computer, you’ll have to adjust some preferences.

Just Stick to These Guidelines:

  •  Select “Personalize” from the right-click menu on the Windows desktop.
  • Select Dark from the “Choose your color” menu after clicking the Colors tab.
  • Every part of Chrome, including the menus, toolbars, settings, and start page, will take on a new, black look with the installation of this Theme. Online, though, it won’t have any effect.
  • Chrome’s Night Mode transforms the browser’s interface and content to a more subdued black and
  • By following the steps above, you can switch to a dark desktop theme without affecting how Chrome displays websites. You’ll need to adjust Chrome’s settings in this way if you want to see webpages in dark mode.
  • In order to accomplish your use case, the browser actually includes a secret dark mode that is far more potent and helpful. All website backgrounds will be black and text will be white, making it easier to read.

Here’s how To Have Chrome’s Dark Mode Apply to Everything You See Online:

A Dark Mode for Google Chrome: Click Here for Details!

1. Copy and paste this link into your Chrome browser:

2. Look for the setting under “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.”

3. When you put the above address into a new tab, you’ll be taken to the Experiments page, where “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” will be bolded for your convenience.

4. Make sure Enabled is selected in Step 3.

5. To enable dark mode for Chrome and its contents, click the arrow and select “Enabled” from the menu that appears.

6. In order to get back in, you should restart your browser.

7. When you restart your browser, the new settings will take effect. The Relaunch option appears in the lower right corner of Chrome, or you can shut all open tabs and windows and then reopen the browser.


In conclusion, the Dark Theme feature in Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows enables a superior viewing experience in low-light settings. There is no relevance to what the device or operating system may name this option. The effect is the same. If you turn on this feature, reading your Gmail won’t strain your eyes at all.