A List of Famous People Who Discontinued Using Social Media.

ASAP seeking solace! Some celebrities believe that stepping away from the completely chaotic world of the internet is the best way to achieve calm.

Kim Kardashian, Sarah Hyland, and other celebrities have taken breaks from social media to freshen their search histories, mentions, and thoughts.

The singer of the song “Bad Liar,” who once had the most followers on Instagram, loves to disconnect from the web when haters are getting to her.

In October 2020, she stated in an Instagram Live that she had not used social media personally in two years. I make use of the platform, make sure my content is approved, and write what I want to, but I don’t check it much and it’s not on my phone.

While having a large following of supporters, the former Disney star also had her fair number of detractors who made it tough for her to enjoy the apps.

A List of Famous People Who Discontinued Using Social Media

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Every day I felt like I woke up wondering, “Why am I doing this?” She spoke up. These are hurtful comments that don’t improve my life in any way and are actually lies. Hence, I responded by stating, You know what? I’m going to go because I don’t think this is going to help me at all.

Even Kardashian, who is arguably the king of Instagram, has taken short breaks from the platform. After being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October 2016, she took three months off from accessing her accounts.

Since then, the founder of Skims has modified her posting style and stopped live-tagging Instagram Stories.

During a New York Times conference in November 2019, she stated, “I learned from a horrific experience I had when I was robbed that people actually understood my every move.” They were aware of my possessions, where I was, and what I was doing, which, in my opinion, significantly altered the content of my posts.

A List of Famous People Who Discontinued Using Social Media

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is currently pausing before updating her fans on her life. She continued, “I still want people to feel like they’re on that trip with me.” For additional privacy, though, I might record something and post it 30 minutes after leaving the scene.