Add Music to Instagram Story: The Best Methods for Including Music in Instagram Stories!

Instagram debuted the Stories feature in 2016 to compete with Snapchat, which at the time was experiencing an utter explosion in popularity. Similar to Snapchat, Stories gives users the option to share something for a short period of time (24 hours) for other users to see before it vanishes forever. When the feature first went live, Instagram users rushed to it, and it rapidly rose to the top of the platform in terms of popularity.

The Best Methods for Including Music in Instagram Stories

There are various methods for including music in your Instagram Story, and each one offers a distinct selection of music. In addition to the Spotify app, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Shazam, you may also upload certain songs from Instagram itself.

Finding a track – or portion of a track – that fits within that time constraint is crucial since all Instagram stories have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. Let’s look at the methods you might employ to locate a song that complements your story.

add music to instagram story

Instagram music should be added

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The simplest method is to simply add music from Instagram. What to do is as follows:

Open the Instagram app and select the + icon from the top menu. You can then build your Instagram Story on the “add to Story” screen that is displayed.

You can choose from Instagram’s music collection once your Story (video, photo, GIF, etc.) has been created.

Click the Sticker button, then tap the Music sticker to add a track to your Story.

You can then browse through tens of thousands of tracks in the Instagram music library after it has opened. Due to copyright restrictions, keep in mind that not all songs are accessible in every nation. The song selection is also more constrained for business customers.

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Include Spotify music

If Instagram doesn’t have what you’re looking for, Spotify is the next best option. One of the most widely used music streaming apps is Spotify, and it probably includes everything you require. It costs $9.99 per month for individual plans to sign up for a Spotify Premium account, which is required to link it with Instagram.

add music to instagram story
  • Follow these procedures to add a Spotify song:
  • Start the Spotify program.
  • The song you want to add should be clicked.
  • The ellipses in the upper right corner of the screen should be clicked.
  • Click share in the menu as you scroll down.
  • just certain Instagram stories

Include SoundCloud music

Up-and-coming artists typically use SoundCloud, and the Instagram story is a wonderful venue to display this genre of music. This is especially true if you enjoy music production or composition and want to share some of your original music.

add music to instagram story

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  • These steps can be used to post SoundCloud music to Instagram stories:
  • the SoundCloud application, and
  • Choose the song that you want to share.
  • Choose “Share to Instagram Stories” by clicking the share icon.

The Instagram app will then launch, and the album or song artwork will be added as the default image for your Story. Additionally, you can include a sticker bearing the SoundCloud logo and the song’s title. In order to listen to the song, users can click through to the desired SoundCloud page using this method. To assist other users find the image, you can also add text, GIFs, and hashtags to it.