After a Restraining Order for Domestic Abuse Was Filed, Ricky Martin Disputes the Allegations!

While Ricky Martin denies the charges in the restraining order, a temporary order of protection has been filed against him in Puerto Rico.

On July 2, a police spokesperson informed the AP that authorities had attempted to serve the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” musician with the summons, but “up until now, police have not been able to locate him,” according to the spokesperson. An official representative for the Puerto Rican government confirmed this, saying that a domestic violence complaint had been lodged.

To which the singer’s representative responded by stating, “This protective order against Ricky Martin was based on false and manufactured accusations. For our client Ricky Martin, we have complete confidence in the outcome of this case when the facts come out.”

According to a police spokesperson, the restraining order against Martin was obtained by a person who contacted a court rather than the police.

For seven months, Enrique José Martin Morales and the petitioner, whose identity was not made public by the court, were allegedly involved in an affair, according to Puerto Rican publication El Vocero. As reported by the publication, a court document states that the couple separated two months ago and that the singer refused to accept the breakup, calling him frequently and lurking near his home at least three times before it was filed.

“Fear for his safety” is an allegation made in the petition, according to the newspaper El Vocero.

There is a substantial possibility of immediate abuse, according to the petitioning party, according to the order, which directs Martin to “refrain from approaching, harassing or intimidating the petitioner or in any other way interfering” with the petitioner, whether it be through phone calls and texts or emails and social media contacts.

After a restraining order for domestic abuse was filed, Ricky Martin disputes the allegations.

There will be another hearing on July 21st, according to El Vocero, when the temporary injunction expires.

Jan Josef, an artist, and Martin have been married since 2017. Before meeting his husband, the singer had gestational surrogate twins who were born to him and his wife.
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