After One Season, “Night Sky” Is Cancelled!

After all, it seems that the cosmos doesn’t want humans to be happy. Night Sky, the Prime Video series starring Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons that received overwhelmingly good reviews from critics and viewers alike, was canceled after only one season. One of the show’s most impressive aspects was how it handled the idea of an intergalactic portal in the middle of a little Midwestern town.

“Night Sky” was created by Holden Miller and helmed by Daniel C. Connolly, who portrayed Franklin and Irene, an elderly couple who have kept a gateway to a barren planet hidden in their backyard in order to preserve it from being discovered by others. When Jude (Chai Hansen), a strange young man, shows up, the pair realizes that the gateway has far more to offer than they had anticipated.

After One Season, "Night Sky" Is Cancelled!

A lack of interest has prompted Netflix to terminate the show barely six weeks after it debuted on the streaming network. For “Night Sky,” the quote indicated that it had no “substantial viewing impact,” or at least no impact large enough to offset the hefty costs associated with science-fiction stories. “Night Sky,” on the other hand, was a more intimate look at Franklin and Irene’s relationship when their secret was revealed to be not so secret after all.

Show canceled for the first time ever on a space-based streaming service

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Even though Prime Video has Amazon’s billions of dollars in revenues to spend on content, they still haven’t worked out how to make anyone aware of it. For promotional purposes, “Night Sky” was streamed into space, making Prime Video the first streaming service to do so and also the farthest distance from Earth from which a show has ever been broadcast.

Because Prime Video needs a complete makeover of its original content marketing, this is probably something you didn’t know about until I mentioned it just now. To go along with his executive producing duties on “The Secret in Their Eyes,” Juan José Campanella helmed the pilot episode, which was directed by Victoria Mahoney (of “Yelling to the Sky”) and Sara Colangelo (“The Kindergarten Teacher”).

After One Season, "Night Sky" Is Cancelled!

With two Oscar-winning performers on board, there’s no good reason for this program to have been terminated after only one season. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s entrance just a week before “Night Sky” may have been a death sentence for any sci-fi series. Perhaps the AMC 16 in Burbank, CA couldn’t be saved by a huge banner advertising its new movie screenings?

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