Air Fryer Cleaning Hacks: Tips for Effortlessly Cleaning Your Air Fryer!

A nice air fryer is loved by everyone. Amazingly, we managed to thrive in a world without air fryers. Cleaning hacks on Tiktok appear to be one of those things that people can’t get enough of and that only grow in popularity over time. Air fryers are wonderful to own, but cleaning them isn’t always fun, but Tiktok has done it again. If you possess an air fryer, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this Tiktok cleaning tip that has been popular on the well-known app.

Forget ovens; air fryers are the modern, comparatively simple, and time-effective method for preparing all of your meals. So why not use the same principles for cleaning? Well, it seems that it can. Newshub reports that the popular video demonstrating the new hack shows TikTok user @tanyahomeinspo demonstrating a quick and simple way to clean your air fryer using its own function that will leave you speechless. All the credit is going to this new hack, which you’ve probably never even considered. When it comes to cleaning your air fryer, this hack might be really helpful if you own this little oven and use it frequently.

air fryer cleaning hacks

The Recently Identified Hack

As the 13-second video clip received 200.7K likes and was shared over 32K times, another popular cleaning tip has died. In the video, @tanyahomeinspo, a Tiktok user, begins by putting dish soap in the air fryer’s case and filling it with water. She then gives it three minutes to “cook.” You can clearly see the food and grease in the soiled water once she takes it out. Simply rinsing it, she displays the air fryer, which is now clearly clean. People didn’t hold back when they voiced their health and safety concerns because the hack seems too good to be true.

air fryer cleaning hacks

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Many commenters expressed worry that the air fryer wouldn’t be cleaned properly because soap would be left behind, while others expressed surprise that the hack actually worked. When your air fryer requires a deep clean, keep in mind that while this is a simple method, it may not always be the best or safest choice. Instead, use a sponge or hand cloth dampened with water and dish soap for the best results.

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The Tiktok cleaning influencer did advise reading the owner’s manual before attempting this at your own risk, given that certain manufacturers forbid adding water to air fryers.