Amanda Seyfried: I’m ‘Waiting for the Call’ About ‘Mamma Mia 3’.

Enjoying every minute of it! When the cast of Mamma Mia! brought audiences to Greece while singing the greatest hits of ABBA in 2008, one movie simply wasn’t enough.

Dame Meryl Streep

In the original film, Amanda Seyfried enthralled viewers as the mother-daughter team Donna and Sophie. Before her wedding, Sophie makes contact with three of her mother’s ex-boyfriends: Sam (Pierce Brosnan), Bill (Stellan Skarsg rd), and Harry (Colin Firth) in the hopes of learning more about her father’s identity.

Fans will never learn Sophie’s real father, but the men all consent to continue playing father roles in her life. The love story between Donna and Sam, meanwhile, makes viewers yearn for their own personal European fairy tale.

Producer Judy Craymer provided fans a second movie with more ABBA songs and mischief on the Greek isles ten years after the triumph of the musical. Mamma Mia! 2018 We’re at it Again presented the three whirlwind relationships of young Donna, who was portrayed by Lily James.

Amanda Seyfried: I’m ‘Waiting for the Call’ About ‘Mamma Mia 3’.

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Ruby Sheridan, Donna’s mother, joined the cast in Cherin’s origin narrative. The whole original ensemble returned for the sequel, including Donna’s adult BFFs Tanya (Christine Baranski) and Rosie (Julie Walters), who had significant roles in both of the stories.

Craymer thought back in August 2021 on the two popular films that were based on the 1999 Broadway debut of the Mamma Mia! musical.

The initial pick [for Donna] was Meryl. During an interview with Daily Mail+, the English filmmaker recalls seeing her in a play and thinking, “Oh, my God, she’s good.” Because she had seen the play in New York, she leaped at the opportunity before reading the script. In violation of etiquette, I had called her agent and asked him a question. He called Meryl, anticipating a rejection. On the phone, she yelled, “I am Mamma Mia!” She was really helpful.

The sequel took ten years to arrive on the big screen, according to the producer, despite the fact that the first movie received excellent reviews.

Amanda Seyfried: I’m ‘Waiting for the Call’ About ‘Mamma Mia 3’.

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It simply seemed appropriate and natural at the time. Craymer noted that Streep seldom, if ever, makes sequels, but she decided to return since everyone wanted to get together for it. She may have thought of us. Really, it was simply a giant party.

In addition, Craymer revealed that a third blockbuster might be in the works, and many of the movie’s performers have expressed a desire to visit Greece one last time.

I often wonder whether it wouldn’t be fun to get back together on that Greek island and perhaps record us all having supper, sharing our memories, and performing all of the ABBA songs. When questioned about returning for a potential Mamma Mia! 3., Baranski told Entertainment Weekly in January 2022. simply have it filmed as a fun night out.