Amber Heard Kate Moss Reaction: Johnny Depp Pushing Kate Moss Down the Stairs by Amber Heard May Have Been an Attempt to Influence the Jury!

Before she stepped down from the witness stand for a week-long break from her trial, Amber Heard recalled an emotional confrontation with Johnny Depp that occurred after she discovered text messages that led her to suspect he was unfaithful.

Many people were surprised when Kate Moss’ name was brought up during the trial, but she did. Depp was allegedly punching Heard’s sister, Whitney Heard, who was allegedly on top of a stairwell at the time of the altercation.

No Qualms About Taking Action

“I have no qualms about taking action. I’m impatient and won’t be waiting. A flash of Kate Moss and the stairs flashed through my mind as I swung at him “It was rumored. She seemed to be alluding to a claim that Depp allegedly pushed Moss down the stairs while they were dating in the 1990s. Moss has never accused Depp of misbehavior in public and has spoken highly of him in interviews.

Insider investigated court records and found that Depp reserved the right to summon “any witnesses identified” by Heard and “any witness necessary for rebuttal or impeachment,” even though Moss was not on the list of possible witnesses he may call. Prior to the start of a trial, lawyers often work together to determine what evidence is acceptable in the case.

amber heard kate moss reaction

To find the information they can use in court, lawyers for both sides perform months of discovery, which includes searching the other side’s files and interviewing witnesses. When their marriage ended in 2016, both Heard and Depp sued each other for slander, alleging that the other had abused them. Insider has learned that motions defining the specific scope of evidence were filed under seal by a person with direct knowledge of the case, but who asked to remain anonymous to avoid jeopardizing the outcome of the trial itself.

It’s possible that Heard’s reference to Moss’ allegation and her description of her injuries from an explosive fight may have “opened the door,” in legal terms, for new evidence to contradict her account of events.

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Attorney Benjamin Chew for Depp appeared ecstatic when Heard brought up Moss

After Insider Heard finishes testifying on Monday, Depp’s cross-examination is scheduled to begin, a source acquainted with Depp’s thinking tells me. As a result of Heard’s brief mention of Moss, it may not be necessary to have the supermodel testify. It’s possible that Depp’s lawyers would ask the judge to compel Moss to testify if Heard goes into detail about her feelings toward the actor, according to this source.
It’s possible that Johnny Depp‘s legal team would argue that if the story is true, then the jury will question whether Johnny really did something to Kate Moss, as former Los Angeles judge Halim Dhanidina told Business Insider. You could have Kate Moss come here and tell the jury what a fantastic guy he is and about his nonviolent relationship with her.

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The case could be thrown into doubt because of Heard’s arrest for domestic violence

If the judge does not allow inquiries about the ex-girlfriend of Heard’s ex-girlfriend, Depp’s lawyers would “love” to have such questions asked, according to the source familiar with Depp’s thinking. In 2009, at the Seattle airport, Heard was detained on a misdemeanor domestic violence complaint after being accused of punching van Ree in the arm after an altercation.

A statement from van Ree to E-News in 2016 stated that Heard had been “wrongfully accused of an incident that was misconstrued and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a strong position,” and that the accusations had been dismissed. Co-founder of Ramey Law PC, Los Angeles civil litigation business Ramey Law PC Christa Ramey said She may have gone against her legal team’s wishes by mentioning Moss.

amber heard kate moss reaction

“My clients have at times gone rogue on the stand because they think they’re wiser than I am. My guess is she went that way “Ramey said. In the words of her lawyers, “She was not supposed to say that.”
Heard, according to Ramey, may have hoped that jury members would look up the allusion on Google. According to Ramey, jurors are not supposed to read about trials they are presiding over, but it does happen.

“My Google Analytics and LinkedIn search spike whenever I begin a trial. Even though jurors aren’t supposed to, people do things like Google all the time “That’s what Ramey had to say. Even if the judge didn’t want unfounded rumors or former relationships to enter the case, if Heard did so nonetheless, it would be a tremendous risk. Dhanidina interprets this to suggest that the judge must assess the admissibility of additional evidence in order to be fair to Depp.

Keeping the integrity and fairness of the trial intact becomes increasingly difficult if a counsel or witness decides to go against the court’s order in the hopes that nothing will change, says former judge Dhanidina, now an attorney with Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP.

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Ex-girlfriends may potentially come into play in this investigation.

As a member of Blank Rome’s family law business, Brett Ward believes Heard’s name drop was too “skillful” to have happened without the support of her legal team. According to Heard, Depp’s lawyers were able to avoid objecting to the testimony on hearsay grounds by merely stating that she thought of Moss at that moment.

But it “may turn out to be a mistake,” Ward added, because it leaves up the potential of Depp’s legal team bringing Moss and other ex-girlfriends to testify in favor of him. If Depp is being praised by Moss, it’s hardly a given. She hasn’t addressed the alleged staircase in the media yet.

amber heard kate moss reaction

For his part, Depp claimed to have discussed his “relationship” with actress Kate Moss in a talk with Hunter S. Thompson in 1998 in an interview with Rolling Stone.

As Depp said to the magazine, “He zeroes in on flaws and positive things immediately.” “His approach to me while we were together was to see how hard I could beat her up, and whether or not I had done enough. Most likely, I told him something like, “Yeah, she takes a beating.”