Andor Episode 10 Review: The Big Star Wars Twist You’ve Been Waiting For.!

Andor Episode 10

The modern Star Wars television series Andor may end up being the most compelling to see again. While The Mandalorian delivers top-notch thrills and surprises, the key events (like Luke Skywalker going off in The Rescue) don’t really compel you to revisit earlier episodes for background information.

In contrast, Andor is. With episode 10, Andor delivered a significant twist, but you won’t want to watch it again. Instead, it will be everything that happens beforehand. Given that Android is a spy drama, this plot twist indicates that everything you’ve seen thus far has been altered.

The main revelation in “One Way Out” is all about a Rebel spy we weren’t aware existed, even though it’s most likely going to be remembered as the episode when Cassian eventually escapes from jail. The mole working for Lutheran is really fellow ISB supervisor Lonni Jung (Robert Emms), contrary to popular belief among fans who believed Dedra to be an undercover Rebel.

Because a Rebel spy would naturally be the one individual hanging out with the ISB who we’ve all completely disregarded, the revelation feels believable. Lonni’s condition is terrible, as is customary for good spy tales. Lutheran won’t let him leave even though he wants to leave.

This episode’s climactic sequence is also a little bit meta: The viewer is aware that Luther’s suggestion that he and Lonni are working for the greater good alludes to the Original Trilogy of movies. Lonni and Luthien are essentially working in the shadows so that Luke and Wedge may use some X-wings to launch an open attack against the Death Star later on.

Andor Episode 10 Review

By the time of Rogue One, Cassian Andor is seen wearing a Rebel uniform on Yavin 4, although five years earlier in the Star Wars universe, that seems inconceivable. As the first season of Andor head draws to a close, it appears that the Rebellion’s hazy image is beginning to take shape.

Naturally, Andor’s own journey is the second piece of this puzzle. Andy Serkis‘ brilliant performance as tragic shift commander Kino Loy, who we learn can’t swim, in the exciting prison revolt on Narkina 5 leaves you heartbroken and wondering if we’ll ever learn what happened to him (we assume nothing good).

The episode ends with Cassian and Melshi on their own, having to continue without poor Kino. Fans of Rogue One will remember that Melshian and Cassian are coworkers who support the Alliance. So, once more, we are seeing the genesis of future Star Wars storylines, albeit not in the manner we anticipated.

All of this raises a more important query. Given what we now know about all the twists and turns, it will be intriguing to rewatch the entirety of season 1, but it is still unclear whether everything will end satisfactorily.

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Andor has been successful in making its numerous stories about things other than just canon Star Wars chronology dot-connecting. This indicates that it has independent internal emotional stakes unrelated to the rest of Star Wars. There are only two episodes left, but it’s unclear how many of those threads can be fully resolved or sufficiently altered to feel like we’ve stopped before season 2.

There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding about how much time is spent on each mini-story arc, though perhaps that is not the goal. Before season 1 ends, Cassian will only be free for two more episodes after spending three episodes in the Narkina 5 prison.

Will his story proceed from one point to the next by jumping in time? Lonni’s status as a spy was only revealed in one episode, but at this point, it seems crucial to whatever table-setting is taking place for the concluding episodes. If Andor was waiting to move on to the main event, it appears that the time has come. Did the show spend too much time on some concepts before moving on? Definitely, in two weeks will we know.

Andor Episode 10 Review

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Fortunately, the stakes are now more obvious than they have ever been. It will be interesting to see how everything comes together in the end, albeit most people are still isolated from one another. Nothing is as it seems if the series has taught us anything. even the actual show.