Andor Episode 9: Will This Star Wars Show Ever Put It All Together?

The very worst thing you can do right now is boring me, Dedra warns Bix at the beginning of Andorepisode 9. This comes right before a confusing questioning sequence with significant stakes.

This viewer is also thinking about the threat Dedra throws at Bix as this is the first Star Wars television series or movie that really go into a harsh and adult area. We approve of Andor and what it tries to convey. The worst thing the show can do, with only four episodes left in season 1, is to bore us.

If there is one overarching fact in Andor, it is that, just as in real life, nothing is ever known for sure. Bix is being tortured by Dedra by making her listen to the dying screams of alien children, but Dedra doesn’t exactly know if Bix possesses the knowledge she seeks.

Andor Episode 9

By the end of this episode, Cassian is still being held in that jail on Narkina 5 using a false name, despite the ISB’s best efforts to find him. Mon Mothma needs a loan, but she has no idea how to secure one, nor does she fully understand the actions of the Rebellion members who are working for her, including her own cousin Vel. Thus, dramatic irony is theoretically the fuel for Andor’s storyline.

None of the characters are aware of the connections between everything, but we are. Most likely, the reason we’re watching is to see how these characters all get closer to one another.

Will all these threads, however, come together? Andor seems to imply that this season won’t end with all points convergent at this point in the game. Two individuals embark on separate adventures in Breakfast of Champions, a classic work by Kurt Vonnegut. These two sadly cross paths at the end of the book, along with several easter eggs from other Vonnegut works.

It’s very tempting to believe that Season 1 is headed toward its own Breakfast of Champions moment because Cassian is so far away from Mon Mothma, but they end up in the same room together in Rogue One; somehow, everyone is going to end up on the same planet, at the same time, and all hell will break loose.

The paradox is that the show wouldn’t be what it is if every character knew what every other character in Andor was doing or even knew anything about them. The truth of this paradox is demonstrated in episode 9.

It’s a little revelation that Vel is vacationing on Coruscant and that she is related to Mon Mothma, but it also fits with the show’s tone because Vel withholds any information about her plans from Mon Mothma. Although this is in no way a critique of the program, it still seems strange to long for instances where characters could explain things to one another but choose not to.

Andor Episode 9

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It is also feasible that this season will end with some characters still being siloed in their own small universes, despite the fact that Andor constantly points out similarities between characters who are all isolated. We are witnessing Cassian and Melshi get closer to one another inside the jail, which will be used to develop their backstories in Rogue One.

They’re likely to stay friends through the season’s finale, and they might even get back in touch with Lutheran. On the other hand, it also appears as though Syril Karn is stranded on his own forever—aside from, of course, the time when he chooses to chase Dedra in this episode.

This Is an Odd Metaphor for All the Ships that Pass Through Andor at night.

Syril was practically put into a box after the first three episodes of the story arc before Dedra abruptly called him in for questioning. He is now incredibly eager to return to the show’s main stage! Vel is comparable.

She had a key role in the largest arc of the series to date, and now she is hanging out with Mon Mothma and getting ready to join another portion of the show that is already in motion.

Andor Episode 9

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However, Mon Mothma dispatches Vel and tells her to keep quiet—possibly for the remainder of the year. Syril is warned by Dedra to cease following her or else he will become dinner. Even when a character from one part of the play moves to another, the transition is not sustained. Naturally, Luther may be the lone exception to all of this, but it is also inconceivable to think that Cassian will appear on Coruscant in the upcoming episodes.

Yes, it seems obvious that the episode of the following week would involve a prison break since he and Kino are aware that the prison is a lie. But where will Cassian travel after that? Will Lutheran care that he knows about the prison? mon mother Will Dedra ever realize she had Cassian under control the entire time? Does it matter at all?

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Android is a program featuring numerous individuals acting in numerous locations while engaging in activities that unite them all. The audience has already completed the riddle. If any of these characters will be able to see the broad picture the conclusion is the only thing that is still up in the air. If no one participates, perhaps that is the objective.