The Enigmatic Character Andor from The First Star Wars Trilogy Has Just Been Revived.

Spoilers are present on this Star Wars: Andor page.

Following an exciting theft on Aldhani, Andorhas produced its best work with “Announcement,” which examines the effects of the Rebel heist throughout the galaxy. As the hammer descends on Coruscant and other places, the Empire is tightening its hold, senators are being observed, and even rebel operatives cannot rely on one another.

Additionally, Andor throws its biggest nod to the Original Trilogy yet in one of these sequences on the Imperial capital. The more serious, space-set drama has found ways to restore parts of original Star Wars without making them feel like superficial winks at the audience, despite writer Tony Gilroy’s vows that Andorwouldn’t just be another Disney+ easter egg program.

Andor Just Revived the Star

In Andor, familiarity plays a key role in worldbuilding and frequently advances the plot. The connections to the Original and Prequel Trilogies are generally kept to a minimum, with the exception of the occasional casual mention of Emperor Palpatine or a clone trooper that just makes sense given the context of the narrative.

Consider the biggest reference this week: Malcolm Sinclair’s portrayal of Imperial Colonel Wulf Yularen. Veteran This guy was one of the first Imperial villains ever introduced to theatre audiences watching A New Hope in 1977, therefore Star Wars aficionados would certainly recognize him.

The Imperial Security Bureau’s high-ranking intelligence officer was originally introduced in the first act as a supporting figure.

Andor Just Revived the Star

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When Grand Moff Tarkin declares that the Emperor has dissolved the Imperial Senate, he is the conspicuously white-coated officer seated around the conference table in the Death Star. Colonel Yularen, who is portrayed by a poker-faced Robert Clarke in that scene, doesn’t say a word or even appear to be responding. And in 1977, the only information we ever gathered about him was that he wore a different color uniform than the other Imperial filth.

The explanation for this is rather straightforward: in the early Star Wars films, Yularen wasn’t even intended to be a noteworthy character. He didn’t have a name or a job title, and the movie did nothing to make us care about what happened to him in the end (he perished when the Death Star exploded).

In reality, the character was just a warm body sitting in a chair, but for some reason, George Lucas chose to clothe him in white rather than the more traditional gray-green. Most likely, Lucas used it as a means of highlighting various departments and branches of the Imperial military. After all, Lucas is a genius at creating entire worlds.

This ISB boss didn’t have a formal name until the 1990s, courtesy of Decipher’s Star Wars Customizable Card Game, the time’s official CCG for the far-off galaxy. The Wulf Yularen card provided the character with the first indications of a backstory and laid the groundwork for a much larger expansion of his history in books and comics,

which culminated in his numerous appearances on The Clone Wars animated series as an admiral in the Republic Navy in the years prior to the rise of the Empire. During the Galactic Civil War, Timothy Zahn, the author of the first post-Original Trilogy book, Heir to the Empire, even made Grand Admiral Thrawn a close friend of Yularen.

Yularen travels to the ISB headquarters in Andor to deliver the news about the severity of the penalties for Imperial dissidents and Rebels following the attack on Aldhani. These new fascist regulations are ultimately what lead to Cassian’s incarceration at the end of “Announcement,” as well as giving Maarva the confidence to revolt against Ferris.

Andor Just Revived the Star

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Unaware of what he just did, Yularen has severely damaged the initial Rebel effort. The ISB and Yularen will eventually hear about the covert operation a particular Chandrilan senator has been working on because Luther’s largest loose end is now in jail.

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