Apne Tv- Watch All Hindi Serials Online for Free. Is It Legal?

Apne TV is a popular pirate website that streams a wide variety of pirated content, including Indian television shows, Hindi plays, foreign documentaries, and more. As a response to the rapid development of streaming services, it is accessible via the web and the Android system. Customers value efficiency, therefore it doesn’t consume a lot of bandwidth. You can find Apne TV in the Google Play store, and it’s free to use.

As was previously mentioned, it is among the most popular streaming services available. In the parts that follow, we’ll get into greater detail.

To Explain What Apne Tv Is and How It Functions

Apne TV is a well-known pirate website that provides access to many popular Indian television shows in languages other than Hindi, such as Tamil and other languages. The most well-known documentaries are also easily accessible. In the past, it has utilised the domain apne. tv and Apne tv. me, both of which reveal their true nature as the pirated website that frequently switches between them. There were several video qualities available, even HD.

Several previous reports have indicated that the app is being removed from the Play Store and any other relevant shops because it illegally promotes copyrighted material. The widespread interest in illegally downloading media from the internet, however, is impossible to halt. With more people using data, there will be more people who hear it.

Although the Indian government has blacklisted some Apne TV-related domains, the service may still be accessed without much trouble using alternative domains, APK files, or legitimate applications from the play store. Several operational websites are,

The operation of Apne TV is the same as that of any other illegal website. Both the event’s organisers and the people who upload the content stand to profit from the various unlawful means by which it will be distributed via cyberlockers. In most cases, they won’t reveal any information on the account holders or the people who uploaded the content. All the details we can see are completely made up.

Where Can I Locate the Correct Apne Tv Address?


It is common knowledge that pirate websites regularly switch their URLs to avoid being blocked. In my experience, the names of websites tend to be apnetv regardless of the domain extension. Sometimes it will be apnetv.us, and other times it will be apnetv1.me or something like. Additionally, the website’s domain and user interface may remain consistent, although the extension of the website itself is regularly updated. Keep an eye on user interface to make fixing problems less difficult.

It’s only through a Google search that you may locate the correct Apne TV URL. No results? Google it with some qualifiers, like “Apnetv,” and see what comes up.

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Apne TV’s Unique Functions

Before diving into the streaming app, it’s beneficial to learn more about its features. Within the thousands of streaming services, these are the features that attract viewers.

  • The uploading of content to

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    servers facilitates the transmission of data at a high rate.

  • The software doesn’t take up much space on your phone’s memory card.
  • In addition to being able to stream videos, the app also allows users to download their favorites.
  • The user interface lacks sophistication.
  • Constant updates ensure that any problems are quickly addressed.
  • In light of the foregoing, there is zero cost involved.

Ave TV’s complete channel lineup

To begin, Apne TV is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment information needs. Desi serials, along with dramas, movies, reality programs, and thrillers from a variety of different languages, are all readily available.

In this article, I will provide a list of some of the most widely-used Hindi channels that are most frequently searched for information about desi reality shows and serials. These are just a few of the most-watched networks on television:

  • Sony home theatre system
  • Colors
  • More than the rest
  • SAB Tv
  • In Hindi, on MTV
  • The Bharat Star
  • Numerous additional networks, including ZEE TV, are also available.
  • The following are only a few examples of immensely popular desi serials and shows:
  • Sir or Madam, You’re the Biggest Boss
  • the Kapil Sharma Show
  • KBC
  • Naagin
  • Star of India’s Got Talent
  • Tarek Mehta & The Ultimate Chashma
  • Where Did My Love Go?
  • Mama, Your House Is the Best!
  • Sexy Ladies from Patiala
  • More Dancing
  • It’s Tara, not Satara
  • Beyond just “Beyhadh”

The Wire, a Masterpiece on HBO, is unavailable. These programmes have no place on Apne TV, and they are easily accessible through other means.

This list provides a synopsis of some of the most sought-after shows on ApneTV. All of the following series can be seen at this minute. Possible temporary removal is being considered.

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Bigg Boss Aapne TV

It’s a common way to find yourself watching Bigg Boss episodes on Apne TV. The Hindi version of Big Brother, known as Bigg Boss, features a cast of 16 contestants who are locked in a house for 100 days with no access to the outside world or any electronic devices. The public votes on who goes home, and the winner takes home up to 50 lakhs. It’s a chance for many Hollywood actors and actresses to make a name for themselves in the industry. It was shown frequently on TV and was accessible for free viewing on Hotstar. Contestants, votes, and eliminations for Bigg Boss Kannada

What Time Does Tenali Rama Apne Tv Start?


For a long time now, SonyLiv has been airing the comedy serial Tenali Rama. Tenali Rama is a 20-year-old boy who is indolent and a dreamer about making a lot of money. The arrival of Kali alters his lifestyle, and he begins a groundbreaking new career as a poet in Krishnavarayanagara. SonyLive offered it for nothing.

“Nimki Mukhiya Apne TV”

Nimki Mukhiya is a Hotstar-supported serial that can be watched for free. The story revolves around an inspiring young female leader who seems to hold great promise for her people. The dramatic action centres on her response to the needs of the people around her as a catastrophe unfolds.

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Is It Possible to Watch Ramyeh Apne Tv?

The Hotstar mythological drama is a ripoff of Ramayan with a different take on the story. In a

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nutshell, it was a retelling of the original Ramayan from the perspective of the courageous Sita. Since it was available without a subscription to Apne TV, there’s no point in subscribing just to watch this.