Are Dan and Serena Still Together? The ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Reveals …

HBO’s Max Gossip Girl season 2 spoilers are present in this post.

You’re sure you adore them! The HBO MaxGossip Girl revival reveals what the power couple from the original series, Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen (Penn Badgley and Blake Lively), are up to these days.

Gossip Girl Cast: Where Are They Now?

Serena’s old antagonist Georgina Sparks ( Michelle Trachtenberg ) made a comeback in episode 2 of season 6, which aired on Thursday, December 29. She held the current Gossip Girl, Kate Keller ( Tavi Gevinson ), captive at Dan and Serena’s apartment.

After getting married in the 2012 series finale’s five-year flash-forward, the fictional couple is still together and has a child, but Georgina is still torturing them.

Are Dan and Serena Still Together

This is the home of Serena and Dan. In Thursday’s episode, Georgina explained to Kate that she had been sneaking into the couple’s home to wreak havoc for years and that they had fired their employees when they feared someone was breaking in. Everywhere has cameras installed.

My son looped the image, and now they’re calling in another paranormal investigator. At first, it was minor irritations like removing a pair of socks or two and turning down the heat, but then I wanted something a little more enjoyable, like switching from oat milk to full dairy. They have a lactose-intolerant child. Every specialist has been consulted, but the problem remains unknown.

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Joshua Safran, the author of the remake, has been considering the return of the calculating villain who appeared frequently in the original CW series for a while.

Earlier this month told Deadline, “I clearly knew that I wanted Georgina back from pretty much the day after I pitched the show. In fact, Michelle began DMing about it in the season 1 writers’ room.

I want to come back, she said. Then I said, “I really want you to, too, but I honestly don’t think season 1 is the proper place because I really wanted everyone to be set up so that she could come in and just sort of demolish them.”

Are Dan and Serena Still Together

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The ensemble of the HBO adolescent drama was thrilled about the character’s return on a similar level.

Zi n Moreno, who plays Luna La, described the 37-year-old Harriet the Spystar as “an idol” to POPSUGAR earlier this month. It was an honor to collaborate with her because I adored her in the Original Series.

Are Dan and Serena Still Together

She’s a hoot for sure, and she keeps things interesting. Because you want to make her proud, it was a little nerve-wracking, but she was just really, really sweet and wonderful.

For her part, Trachtenberg revealed her return to the part on Instagram in October.

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She posted a still from the reboot with the hashtags “xoxo #gossipgirl” and “you can tell Jesus: She’s baaaaaaack” in reference to a line from the original series.