Are Yasmine Al-Bustami and NCIS: Hawaii Parting Ways? Now Where Is Lucy?

Does Yasmine Al-Bustami intend to leave NCIS: Hawaii? Given that Lucy just returned, we can certainly see why you might be wondering where she is tonight.

If you recall, the character was away from the team as an Agent Afloat for a significant portion of the season’s first half. In one episode, we got to see most of her, and when she eventually made a comeback, we got to see a lot more of her. Simply put, there was a significant gap in the center of everything.

The character, however, was absent once more tonight, and this time we were informed that she was engaged in tactical training. What does that imply for the character’s future?
Are Yasmine Al-Bustami and NCIS: Hawaii Parting Ways? Now where is Lucy?

Well, it’s still not much. Yasmine is still a series regular and plays a significant role in the program. Given that she has been working on numerous projects over the past few months, we are certain that she has been back and forth frequently between Hawaii and the mainland. Do not interpret her current situation as a prediction of where she will be later in the season.

Can we comprehend how upsetting this is for the fans? Absolutely, especially considering how wonderful a character she is and how unique the bond she has with Kate Whistler is. In the future, we hope to see them together more!

Are Yasmine Al-Bustami and NCIS: Hawaii Parting Ways? Now where is Lucy?
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Just keep in mind that the current season still has a few episodes left, and even then, we’ve already heard that there will be another. There isn’t really much to worry about when you consider the long-term future in this situation. (The conclusion is anticipated in late May.)

Let’s just hope that there will be some excellent content, both professionally and personally, when Lucy returns!