Astrill VPN Review — Is It Worth the Cost?

Astrill VPN is a flexible service that gives you not just military-grade security and decent speeds, but also a plethora of other handy features like split tunnelling. This VPN also prevents DNS leaks, allows access to Netflix in the United States, and functions in China. It works with modern file sharing protocols like BitTorrent.

Among VPN companies, Astrill has been around the longest. Although Astrill VPN has been in operation since 2009, it is little unknown.

According to their website, this is due to the fact that they invest very little time or money on promotional activities. Rather of relying on a band-aid approach, they’re putting money into infrastructure and people. This Astrill VPN review will involve extensive testing of their service. Let’s see if Astrill’s performance lives up to their hype!

How Quickly Does Astrill Vpn Function?


The VPN connection speed is influenced by several factors, making it a difficult problem to solve. Astrill VPN’s performance was measured by first establishing a reference point for our connection speed and then comparing that to the outcomes of speed tests conducted over a range of tunnelling protocols and VPN servers.

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StealthVPN and Open Web

The OpenWeb and Stealth VPN protocols are listed together in the same column, yet they couldn’t be more dissimilar. Connectivity on OpenWeb is lightning fast, taking few seconds at most. My upload speed dropped by 46% and my download speed dropped by 3% on average after I installed OpenWeb.

The speeds are comparable to what was seen in the previous part because Stealth VPN is essentially just tweaked OpenVPN (UDP). The average download speed drops by 36%, while the upload speed drops by 75%.

When It Comes to Streaming, Does Astrill Vpn Support Netflix?

For online video streaming, Astrill is a good choice. When we tested this, we were able to bypass Netflix’s US region lock without raising any red flags.

We moved on to BBC iPlayer after that. While not nearly as ubiquitous as Netflix, this service does provide access to a wealth of excellent British television. Unfortunately, you’ll need to use an alternative VPN service in order to access it. Unfortunately, I was unable to access BBC iPlayer with Astrill VPN.

YouTube then provided the following unwelcome shock. Despite being able to reach the site, geoblocked videos will not play. If you use a VPN service that is popular in China, like Astrill, you may find that everything is written in Chinese. This is because Google (who owns YouTube) is treating some Astrill IP addresses as if they were Chinese.

DAZN was the hardest service to unblock, however Astrill VPN was successful. Nonetheless, the website has identified my location as Lithuania. Odd, since there is no way to access DAZN in Lithuania. It’s therefore unclear how exactly I was able to remove the block.

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Can I use torrents with Astrill VPN?

The Astrill VPN team is pleased to announce that their servers support peer-to-peer (P2P) data transfers. I can attest to the fact that not only did torrenting function, but the download rates were impressive. My best speeds were at 20 MB/s, or 160 Mbps, which is excellent given I don’t even use a VPN. However, torrent speeds are affected by a wide variety of circumstances, thus this conclusion should be interpreted with caution.

Intuitive Setting


With Astrill’s Smart Mode enabled, only foreign websites are accessible through the VPN connection. Now, if you’re in China and you turn on Smart Mode, visiting WeChat will bring up a Chinese-language version of the site. If you chose to visit Wikipedia, however, it will connect over the VPN and appear to be from a different country.

You’ll get the best possible Internet connection speeds and be able to take advantage of local services that might otherwise be inaccessible to you if you were using a non-U.S. address. A foreign IP address may prevent you from accessing your bank, for instance (which may even trigger security measures).

This function works on every modern operating system, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. In all likelihood, this will apply to the majority of your electronic gadgets.

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Filtering Software Applications

You can use the Application filter if Clever Mode isn’t smart enough for you and you want complete control over which websites and apps are let through. Astrill VPN utilizes a method known as split tunneling.

The Application filter allows you to block specific websites and IP addresses from accessing the VPN tunnel (and connecting directly). Split tunnelling works on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Therefore, iOS users must settle for Smart mode.