Attractive Scale Tiktok: How Does Tik Tok’s “Attractiveness Scale” Work?

TikTok uses an “appearance scale” to rate their attractiveness as if beauty standards weren’t already troublesome enough. People use TikTok’s “shapeshifting” effect to compare themselves to the purportedly hottest celebrities. You’ll note that the majority of the stars are slim, cis, physically fit persons with white European heritage. Not to mention, this is completely subjective and has no basis in science.

What is the ‘attractiveness scale’ on TikTok?

On TikTok, tiers of male and female celebrities are ranked from one to 10, with 10 being the most attractive. For instance, Tom Cruise and Ian Somerhalder are the most appealing actors, while Daniel Kaluuya is classified as a six in the male chart. “Square face with masculine features and hunter’s eyes” is how the most gorgeous men are described.

Attractive Scale Tiktok

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On the female chart, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr are placed as nines, while Amy Schumer or Emma Watson, depending on the chart, are classified as tens. She is “very gorgeous — most people will agree she is hot or breathtaking,” according to the female chart’s top rating. Almost no “defects” in a person’s facial features, merely variations that give them a distinctive appearance. High symmetry Everything else is really excellent, and the body has two or more great body parts. pristine teeth Excellent hygiene.

Attractive Scale Tiktok

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How does TikTok’s “attractiveness scale” work?

Upload an image of the male or female chart and use the “shapeshifter” filter to join the “attractiveness scale” TikTok trend. The effect will compare the features on your face to those in the image to get the best match. “Y’all, I unintentionally went to a very spooky section of TikTok and discovered an incel male attractiveness scale.” @atthenakeough tweeted, “IT’S SUCH A BAD LOOK.

Attractive Scale Tiktok

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