B.J. Novak Says that He Was “In Love” with Mindy Kaling when They Were Both on “The Office.”.

Snake soup for life! MJ and Mindy Kaling One of Hollywood’s most admirable friendships, that of Novak has only grown stronger over time.

The comedians first connected while working on The Office in the early 2000s, when their characters Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard showed a similar bond. During a 2015 appearance at BookCon, Kaling spoke about her friendship.

“We became friends when we were still very young, and also because we were working sometimes 16-hour days at The Office, and we did it for eight years,” Kaling said. So, it was like attending college twice with a friend.

B.J. Novak Says that He Was "In Love" with Mindy Kaling when They Were Both on "The Office.".

During the early seasons of the NBC comedy, the two temporarily had a romance, but they soon accepted that their relationship would only last a few episodes. They’ve repeatedly been asked about the status of their relationship after years of saying that they are simply friends.

In a 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Novak said, “I think there’s a phase when the individual is really dubious of our friends whenever we date someone else. I don’t want to interfere, but it seems like you two might be dating. Are you certain that you are single? Are you certain that you won’t wind up dating? Having a platonic best friend is so typical that it only seems strange when you start dating someone.

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Despite the short duration of their personal connection, the two TV writers have been practically inseparable for more than ten years. After giving birth to Katherine in December 2017, Kaling acknowledged that she knew why people were perplexed by her seeming soulmate relationship with Novak.

B.J. Novak Says that He Was "In Love" with Mindy Kaling when They Were Both on "The Office.".

She admitted to Good Housekeeping in May 2019 that she would have the same opinion if she were observing it from the outside. Yet in actuality, B.J. is no longer a platonic buddy, but something much closer to family. He is my daughter’s godfather and visits us about once every week. He occasionally visits her merely to hang out with her.

Kaling finds it difficult to imagine her future without the Inglourious Basterds star after having played such significant parts in each other’s life for so long.

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B.J. Novak Says that He Was "In Love" with Mindy Kaling when They Were Both on "The Office.".

But when you’ve known someone for as long as I have—since we first met, which was about 24 years ago—you start to take their friendship for granted, she told the outlet. Now, we’re both approaching 40. He has been a member of my family for a long time now.