Adorable! Baby Photos from “Married at First Sight”.

infant boom this effective Married, at First Sight, couples expanded their families after getting hitched rather than just being married.

Stars of Season 1

Since the reality show’s finale, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been transparent with their followers about their hopes for a baby, sharing both the good and the terrible. In December 2016, the former Bachelor star and her spouse became parents for the first time, but she miscarried.

Otis honored her son’s memory with an Instagram post a year after the tragedy. She wrote in the caption of a picture of her and Hehner cradling the child, “We’ve been MIA on social media today and spent the whole day thinking of this little man.

Adorable! Baby Photos from "Married at First Sight".

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” I picture him in heaven, cuddled up in Grandma Dot’s arms, bouncing on clouds. If he had ever reached his due date, he would have turned one today. In memory of our young son Johnathan Edward, we will buy presents for Dylan, a one-year-old boy, tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you in heaven once more.

The couple wanted additional kids after welcoming Henley Grace, their rainbow baby, in 2017. In September 2018, Otis posted a snapshot of a positive pregnancy test, but the next day she experienced a chemical pregnancy loss. In December of the same year, they made another pregnancy announcement and lost another pregnancy.

Adorable! Baby Photos from "Married at First Sight".

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The reality star spoke candidly to Us Weekly about what to say to a woman going through this. Being an ear is the best thing you can do, Otis advised. Talking about it is obviously necessary since it’s just so helpful. Just pay attention to them while they speak, allowing them to describe their feelings and the situation. All they require is a sounding board. They require a conversational partner.