Bad Bunny Engaged? Bad Bunny Finally Addressed the Rumours that He Is Engaged to Gabriela Berlingeri!

Rapper, singer, and songwriter Bad Bunny hail from Puerto Rico. During a relatively short amount of time, Bunny’s fame has skyrocketed. In 2020, Bad Bunny will be the most streamed artist in the world, with 8 billion cumulative streams.

Latin rap, reggaeton, and bachata are some of the subgenres he has explored in his music, but he has also experimented with rock, funk, and soul. In addition to his distinctive sound, Bad Bunny is well-known for his slurred vocal delivery.

Bad Bunny Life in the Beginning

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico-born Benito Antonio Martnez was born on March 10, 1994. He was exposed to salsa, merengue, and ballads by his mother as he grew up, and he remembers it fondly to this day. With two younger siblings, Benito said he enjoyed spending time with his family rather than hanging out with other people.

is bad bunny engaged

Until the age of thirteen, Bad Bunny was a member of his parish choir, which he sang in as part of his Catholic upbringing. Daddy Yankee was an early influence on him, even though he no longer sang in the choir. It wasn’t long until he was performing in front of his peers at the local middle school. It was at this point that he decided to go by the stage name of “Bad Bunny” because he had an angry expression on his face when wearing a bunny costume as an infant.

Bad Bunny Career

When Bad Bunny first started uploading songs on SoundCloud in 2016, he was working as a grocery store bagger and attending university. The record company Hears this Music signed him after DJ Lucian heard his song “Diles” and liked it. After that, Bad Bunny worked with the Mambo Kingz, a production crew that was taken aback by Bunny’s distinctive sound and appearance.

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Bad Bunny would go on to have a string of hits in the Latin charts’ top ten during the following years. Bad Bunny rose to prominence in Latin American trap music as a result of his massive online following, which included tens of millions of YouTube subscribers. As a result of songs like “Soy Peor,” “Krippy Kush,” and “Ahora Me Llama,” he was able to break into the mainstream.

is bad bunny engaged?

His iconic Rolling Stone cover, the “Yo Perreo Sola” video, and three new albums have given fans much to talk about in 2020. He also made his long-term connection with his longtime partner public this year. Bad Bunny officially addressed the engagement rumors that have been going about since May 2020 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. May 15 saw him share several Instagram mirror selfies showing off his new gold ring on his left hand.

The internet was ablaze with these images, as you might expect. On Aug. 6, Berlingeri posted a video on Instagram of herself wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, which sparked rumors that the two were engaged. El Conejo Malo didn’t speak up about the reports until the 27th of November. ET’s Denny Directo and Bad Bunny discuss COVID-19 in the video, with Bad Bunny referring to Berlingeri as “the perfect quarantine partner.”

is bad bunny engaged

At any given opportunity, he gushes over his girlfriend. As Bad Bunny said to Rolling Stone back in May, “[Berlingeri] is incredibly special in my life. I’ve come to realize that she’s the best friend I could have throughout my quarantine.” First of all, he’s quite discreet about his personal life. He told Rolling Stone that he first ran across Berlingeri in April of this year. Fans had no idea who she was until they attended a Miami Heat game together in February 2020.

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Bad Bunny is Gabriela Berlingeri’s life’s work

The happy pair is always there for one another, no matter what the other is up to. Berlingeri became the first Latina to shoot a Rolling Stone cover when she used her iPhone to take images for Bad Bunny’s Rolling Stone cover story. As part of Bad Bunny’s digital Playboy cover, her hand also appeared in a photo.

is bad bunny engaged

As a result, Berlingeri has joined her husband in his career. When he recorded the quarantine track “At Home” for his 2020 album, he just credited her as “Gabriela,” and she sang it as “At Home.” For her film, she won a Premio Juventud for The Quarantine.


When Bad Bunny was out with his family for dinner one night in 2017, he happened to run into Gabriela Berlingeri. Soon after, the two began dating, and Gabriela got increasingly involved in his artistic and professional endeavors during that time. His song “Te Guste,” on which she sang scratch vocals on, was featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone,” and she also photographed him. When Bad Bunny needed it the most, Berlingeri was there for him, he has said.

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