Bad Time Simulator: Where Can I Play It and What Is It Called?

A pleasant and entertaining 2-D game is called Bad Time Simulator. It was posted on GitHub by user “jcw87.” Joe Zeng created and released it in its original form. The game initially seems simple, but once you start playing it, it becomes tough to survive for 10 seconds. The game is incredibly difficult. In the beginning, this game offers a variety of playable options.

Do you want to have a bad time?

The modes available in Bad Time Simulator include Normal, Practice, Endless, Single Attack, and Custom Attack. Do you want to have a bad time? is the catchphrase for this particular game. This demonstrates that playing this game is not very simple. It is, however, excruciatingly challenging. Not everyone will be drawn in by the game’s graphics because they are not impressive enough. The game can be played on any computer or browser.

Bad Time Simulator

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The game’s controls are quite straightforward and easy to use. Every arrow key moves the tiny heart, which we must protect from white bones. We only need to hit “x” to assault. There aren’t many ways for someone to learn this game besides practice. As we begin to complete some stages, the game appears more rewarding. To master this game, one must have perfect control over how the arrow keys move the character. It’s true that “Patience is the Key” to completing levels in Bad Time Simulator.

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Boss Battles in The Undertale Series Are Scaled Back in This Game

Bad Time Simulator

San’s Attack is the attack that we are now dealing with in the game. Sans is a pivotal figure in the video game Undertale. Boss battles in the Undertale Series are scaled back in this game. You can play Bad Time Simulator either by downloading it to your desktops or online through your browsers. Play Bad Time Simulator online using this link Go here if you want to view it in your browser.
jcw87 and Joe Zeng are given game credit.