Barbarian Where to Watch: You Can Watch It on Disney +

Every now and again, a horror film appears out of nowhere to become something you simply “had to see”—at least among fans of the genre. In 2021, it was James Wan’s “Malignant,” and in 2022, it’s swiftly becoming “Barbarian,” the horror movie from 20th Century Studios that has been generating hype ever since it first debuted in theatres. The vast majority of people who are gushing over the film suggest that you should know as little as possible before watching it, but where can you watch it? Below are all the answers to your queries.

Is “Barbarian” in Theatres or On Streaming?

Barbarian where to watch

Currently, “Barbarian” is only available in theatres. The movie premiered on September 9 and can only presently be seen in a theatre.

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What Time Will “barbarian” is Start Streaming?

Quite soon! Given that this is a 20th Century Studios production, 45 days following its theatrical debut, the movie is anticipated to be available for streaming on Hulu and HBO Max. In time for Halloween, that would place the date of its streaming release around October 24.

Although the family-friendly streaming service currently offers a number of R-rated titles, it is unknown if or when it will be available for viewing on Disney+ given the R rating.

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About What Is “Barbarian”?

The plot follows a young woman who rents a house while heading to Detroit for a job interview. In order to avoid giving anything away, we’ll make this summary as brief as we can. She discovers the house has been double-booked and that a strange man is already residing there when she arrives, though. Zach Cregger was the film’s writer and director.

Who Plays Who in “Barbarian”?

Along with Bill Skarsgrd, Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Jaymes Butler, and Kurt Braunohler, Georgina Campbell appears in the film.

Where to View Barbarian

For the time being, the only way to watch Barbarian is at a theatre when it debuts on Friday, September 9. Fandango allows you to search for local showings.

You can buy Barbarian after the film’s theatrical release on digital stores including Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, and others. Barbarian may also be viewed online through HBO Max and Hulu. Read on to discover more.

Arriving Barbarian on Streaming When?

Barbarian where to watch

Barbarian has yet to make its debut on digital streaming services. But here’s what you do know. The Bob’s Burgers Movie, a prior 20th Century production, became available to stream on HBO Max and Hulu after 45 days in theatres and to buy for $19.99 on digital retailers like Amazon. Barbarian is also a 20th Century film. You might be able to watch Barbarian at home as early as late October 2022 if the release schedule is similar to that of the last film.

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Barbarian Where to Watch

You will need to wait, but yes. During the movie’s “Pay 1 window,” when premium cable channels have the exclusive right to air it, Barbarian is most likely to be shown on HBO Max. This is due to the fact that Disney is still subject to a 2012 10-year agreement between 20th Century Fox and HBO, despite the fact that Disney now owns 20th Century Studios. Despite the fact that HBO/HBO Max agreed to share co-exclusive rights with Disney+, the agreement only lasts until 2022. As a result, it’s likely that Barbarian will be released on both HBO Max and Disney+ at the same time, perhaps in late October 2022.

However, it’s likely that you’ll watch Barbarian on Hulu rather than Disney+ because that’s where a previous 20th Century film release, Bob’s Burgers, ended up. The R-rated horror film might fit better on Disney’s family-friendly streamer, Hulu, which is also owned by the company.