Bastard out Of Carolina Where to Watch? Is Bastard out Of Carolina Based on A Real Event?

Do Netflix or Amazon Prime have Bastard Out of Carolina? Let’s explore all the streaming alternatives for this 1996 American drama movie. The movie is an adaptation of Dorothy Allison’s 1992 novel of the same name, which was directed by Anjelica Huston, written by Anne Meredith, and produced by Amanda DiGiulio.

In 1997, the Maritime Film Classical Board of Canada banned the movie; however, an appeal led to its release the next year. The film follows a South Carolinian girl who battles to overcome a childhood of physical and sexual abuse while her mother struggles with the decision of whether or not to leave the abuser.


Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina in the 1950s, Ruth Anne Boatwright—also known as “Bone”—is a young child. Bone, who was born out of wedlock to Anney, resides in a low-income neighborhood with her mother and their larger family.

bastard out of carolina where to watch

Though she cares deeply for Bone, Anney is still very much a child at heart. She is worn out from her duties and craves affection and adoration. The “ILLEGITIMATE” stamp on Bone’s birth certificate is a source of humiliation for both Bone and Anney almost often. The fact that a copy of Bone’s birth certificate is lost when the county courthouse burns down makes Anney pleased.

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  • Jennifer Glen Waddell is portrayed by Ron Eldard and Jason Leigh respectively.
  • As Ruth, Glenne Headly
  • Lyle Lovett as Wade
  • Ruth Anne “Bone” Boatwright, played by Jena Malone
  • Age 4: Kelsey Elizabeth Boulware in “Bone”
  • As Lyle Parsons, Dermot Mulroney
  • As Dee Dee, Christina Ricci
  • As Earle, Michael Rooker
  • as Raylene, Diana Scarwid
  • Susan Traylor portrays Alma.

Netflix offers Bastard Out of Carolina, right?

Regrettably, the movie is currently unavailable on Netflix. There is no chance the film will be available on Netflix since it was never released on the streaming service. This American drama movie is exclusively available on the Xfinity network as a streaming service. However, there are many contemporary thriller dramas available to stream on Netflix, like Mindhunter, Shutter Island, Creep, Black Mirror, Uncut Gems, and Dirty John.

bastard out of carolina where to watch

Bastards Out of Carolina is available on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, the movie is not a part of Amazon’s standard membership package, and those who subscribe to Prime Video will be upset to hear that the film is not available for streaming. Despite the fact that the film isn’t in their library of streaming content,

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Bastard Out of Carolina where to watch?

In the US, Comcast’s Xfinity network is now broadcasting Bastard Out of Carolina. Other than that, you can buy the movie on Amazon for about $49.98 in DVD format, and it costs about $29.95 in VHS format, only on Amazon. At one point, it was also available to stream on DirecTV, but as of right now, you can only view Bastard Out of Carolina by buying the DVD from or by going to the Xfinity streaming service.

bastard out of carolina where to watch

In order to make your choice, you can also read the reviews left by customers who have already purchased the DVD. Although this is the only means to stream this movie, the deal appears to be somewhat pricey when compared to a DVD. This movie is currently unavailable on any OTT platform, including HBO MAX, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Roku. No one has added it to their extensive library. HBO, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple TV+ do not yet offer movies for streaming. Even the Robin Hood Series is available to watch on Disney+, but this movie is completely different and isn’t available anywhere.

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Is Bastard Out of Carolina based on a real event?

Dorothy Allison’s 1992 novel Bastard Out of Carolina was made into a movie. The narrative centers on 12-year-old Bone Boatwright as she recalls the occasions that caused her mother to desert her. Although the story is entirely made up and has nothing to do with actual events, we can’t help but feel moved by how well it portrays the life of a young girl growing up in the South in the early 1900s.