This weekend you can watch Belle, RRR, Morbius, and other new movies at home!

Now that it’s Friday, there’s just one thing left to do: enjoy yourself. As the weekend approaches, we’ve compiled a selection of the latest releases that you can watch at home via rental or streaming services like Netflix. Check it out below! We’re excited to bring you the VOD releases of Belle, a modern anime interpretation of Beauty and the Beast, and RRR, an epic historical action film from India.

Other new releases on the digital platform include the Marvel vampire flick Morbius, the most current film by Paul Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza, and the “startling” Finnish horror film Hatching (yes, for real this time, after a false alarm earlier this month). Netflix has several original series, including one that feels like a new Jackass film, and Hulu has a rom-com starring Samara Weaving and others.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

Mamoru Hosoda‘s sci-fi fantasy anime Belle tells the story of Suzu, a shy high school student who lives in a rural village. She escapes into the vast online realm “U,” where her alter-ego “Belle” is an internationally renowned pop singer, in order to find peace and validation in the loss of her mother. A mysterious entity known as the Dragon interrupts Suzu’s concert, so she sets out to find them and learn more about the connection they share without saying a word to one another in the process.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend


In RRR (“rise, roar, revolt”), director S.S. Rajamouli returns with an epic historical action drama based on a fictionalized encounter between Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.), two revolutionaries who join forces to fight for Indian independence and to cast off the yoke of British imperialism. Only the Hindi dub is accessible on Netflix for RRR. To watch Rajamouli’s latest epic in its original Telugu language or in its Tamil, Kannada, or Malayalam dub, visit on your computer or mobile device.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

Michael Morbius, a doctor-turned-vampire played by Jared Leto in Sony’s next Marvel movie, is another anti-hero story. It is only via this experiment that he becomes the unholy creature seen above.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

For the past decade, Tinja has been the focus of her parents’ video blog, which has been a constant source of amusement for the 12-year-old. Alli, Tinja’s new pet, hatches out of a peculiar egg Tinja finds and brings home to her family.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

A 1970s-set comedy-drama set in the San Fernando Valley is Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson, who returns to the director’s fold. With Cooper Hoffman as Gary Valentine, Alana Kane, and Cooper Haim as her assistant, the two stars of this romantic comedy navigate the highs and lows of an unusual romance.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend


The new live-action/animation hybrid pays tribute to Roger Rabbit and is stuffed full of references to other animated films. A horrible fate awaits Chip and Dale when they reunite after a long absence following the demise of their television program.


Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

For the first time in the history of the New York City Police Department, Stefan Forbes’ Hold Your Fire tells the narrative of the city’s longest hostage standoff. A Brooklyn police standoff ends with the death of an officer because of the actions of four young African-American men who stole guns to defend themselves. Police psychologist Harvey Schlossberg is called in to do the seemingly impossible — negotiate the release of 12 hostages and defuse the situation without violence. When it comes to documenting a historic incident in American policing, Forbes’ video is a must-see.


Neeson stars as an assassin with memory loss in the latest Liam Neeson action film, where he refuses a mission to kill an innocent child. That means killing the people who hired him before they get a chance to do it.

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Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

It was written and directed by Riley Stearns (The Art of Self-Defense) about Sarah (Karen Gillan), a terminally sick woman who decides to clone herself in order to spare her family and friends the agony of losing her. Sarah tries to deactivate her clone once she unexpectedly recovers, but she fails miserably. Sarah has no choice but to face her clone in a court-ordered duel to the death in order to decide which of them will be permitted to exist.


One family is wealthy and stuffy, while the other is poor and down-to-earth in this Spanish family drama. Bringing a girlfriend home to the wealthy family’s house causes tensions to rise.

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When a Danish chef visits Tuscany to sell his father’s business, he falls in love with a local woman.

Precisely the right combination
In this week’s second Netflix original romantic comedy, a wine industry executive from Los Angeles falls in love with an Australian ranch hand while working as a ranch hand.


A new Jackass film? Not quite, but it comes close! You’re wondering, “How is that?” A collection of outtakes and videos from the cutting room floor are all that you’ll find here.


When an event back home forces them to return to the United States, Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg play the eldest siblings of an affluent family on a vacation in Mexico. To avoid being deported, Neil goes on an emotional journey that pushes him to face the painful realities about himself and the people he cares about in order to grow and change.

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In the Valet

Samara Weaving plays a movie star who is accidentally seen by the paparazzi with her married lover while on the set of a romantic comedy film. When her PR team learns that a valet (Eugenio Derbez) was also caught in the image, they decide to pretend that we’re the real pair all along.

In American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

Zachary Levi stars in the inspiring true story of Kurt Warner, a quarterback who was stocking shelves at a grocery store just before earning the Super Bowl’s MVP. As the film is made by the Erwin Brothers, who make faith-based films, you can anticipate it to be as much about Warner’s Christian beliefs as it is about football.

The Found Footage Phenomenon

Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

The shader has released a new feature-length documentary about the discovered footage subgenre of horror, which includes a closer look at the likes of The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Unfriended, among others.