Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Fires Alissa Before Captain Lee’s Upcoming Return.

Shortening her charter season. During season 10 of Below Decks, Captain Sandy, who was standing in for Captain Lee, fired Alissa Humber.

Every Star Fired From Below Deck Through the Years

The [last] straw for me was yesterday. The Below Deck Mediterraneanstar, 57, warned the stew in a new episode of the popular Bravo series that aired on Monday, February 20, that the stew’s disrespect and insubordination were unbeatable.

When you uttered Yes, Sandy, Alissa. Captain Sandy, that is. An fk you to my face, that was. No matter what position you hold, you must respect the hierarchy. I’m releasing you.

Sandy emphasized that Alissa’s behavior towards her was a factor in the decision, saying, “Firing a staff member never feels good.” You are eliminating their source of revenue. I have to make the tough choices as a captain and live with the consequences.

Below Deck's Captain Sandy Fires Alissa Before Captain Lee's Upcoming Return

Alissa, for her part, accepted the choice and departed St. David right away before a fresh round of visitors arrived. Ben Willoughby gave the news to Camille Lamb, a former stew after she was fired earlier in the season.

I’ve received justice. I’ve always thought [Alissa] was, for lack of a better word, terrible. She then revealed her face. About her on-screen confrontation with Alissa, the former Below Deck performer said in a confessional, “I’m happy that others got to witness what I saw.” Justice for Camille hashtag.

Later on in the episode, the author of Be the Calm or Be the Storm gets a call from her predecessor informing her of his intentions to return. In the past, viewers were taken aback when Lee, 73, abruptly left the show to attend to health issues. The OG Below Deckstar publicly questioned Sandy’s leadership as the season went on Bravo.

So I didn’t learn she fired a member of my staff until after the fact. Ok? After Camille’s departure was shown in January, Lee tweeted. Camille earned what she received.

Never was my problem. I’m sorry that so many people don’t see that. I didn’t want [Sandy] to ask for permission; all I wanted was the update and that fast call you promised.

Below Deck's Captain Sandy Fires Alissa Before Captain Lee's Upcoming Return

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Below Deck‘s Captain Lee and Captain Sandy‘s Ups and Downs Over the Years

She did it on television in front of how many people, he continued, without consulting me. That doesn’t strike me as being particularly private.

Sandy, on the other hand, emphasized that she was in command of the crew while Lee was away. In the hospital, he is. Who is going to contact and ask whether Camille may be fired?

She said earlier this month on SiriusXM’s Reality Checked, “Never in a million years would I do it.” But I did phone him to say, “By the way, I did dismiss her,” as a courtesy. Because of her, you nearly had a rebellion on your yacht.

The Florida native made some serious digs at her fellow Bravo star at the time by declaring that he was not acting his age.

Below Deck's Captain Sandy Fires Alissa Before Captain Lee's Upcoming Return

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Captain Sandy‘s ‘Below Deck‘ Feuds Over the Years and Where They Stand Now

Get back to your boat, I commanded him over the phone. because I was supposed to be my girlfriend’s surgeon. She added, “Like, I didn’t step on there to take over a program. Not two programs, please. The Mediterranean is to my taste. Are you serious? The Mediterranean is to my taste.

Us Weekly broke the news that the Michigan native would be leaving the program after season 10 before Lee’s Below Deck return was shown on air.

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