Best Appear at Season 8: Naomie and Craig’s Hookup Is Announced, Kathryn Explodes at Great Katsby Party!

In the case of Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo, the events that transpired while they were in Sin City did not remain there. When Southern Charm Season 8 began airing on June 23rd, the exes were revealed to have reunited in Las Vegas with separate groups of friends prior to the season premiere. As Naomie explains in the film above, Leva Bonaparte brought up the idea of a meeting while they were on the phone.

Craig Was Also There with Some of His Buddies on A Whole Other Trip

Naomie later clarified in an interview that she had been to Vegas with friends two months prior. And it just so happened that Leva was also there with her family, and Craig was also there with some of his buddies on a whole other trip. So, yes, I mean, we met up.” Later in the episode, Craig also discussed his Sin City reunion with Naomie while on the phone with Kathryn Dennis. “We were both out in Vegas at the same time and we absolutely hung out and had some fun,” Craig explained.

Did you guys hook up?

“Did you guys hook up?” “Yeah, yeah,” Craig responded to Kathryn’s question. As Paige DeSorbo and Craig’s relationship began to blossom about this time, “And I felt horrible because she was a little sad that I was starting to see someone else,” Craig added of Naomie. “If it was up to her, we absolutely would’ve started to hang out again.” In anticipation of Paige accompanying Craig to Kathryn’s 30th birthday party, Naomie informed Leva and Venita Aspen, “If they are together, I mean, it would be fine.”

As a result, we were able to get together. “It’s not a big issue,” Naomie explained in the episode’s closing interview. “Or is it? I’m stumped. She said, “We had the biggest love I’ve ever had,” when Leva inquired if Naomie was still thinking about Craig. And it doesn’t just go away. Someone who certainly had feelings about Craig and Naomie hooking up was Austen Kroll, who said he was “f—king stunned” to learn during the “Great Gatsby” party that they had briefly revived their romance. “Craig is supposed to be my best buddy, but this just goes to show you where Craig and I’s relationship has gone,” Austen stated of the reports surrounding Craig and Naomie.

Craig revealed why he didn’t want to tell Austen that he had hooked up with Naomie

“I was telling Shep [Rose] that had never happened. I was telling everyone, ‘No, no, no. They just had lunch. I would know. ‘I’m sure that I do.’ It’s obvious that Austen has no idea.” Craig revealed why he didn’t want to tell Austen that he had hooked up with Naomie. I never told you anything but the truth.” “I couldn’t tell you ’cause you’d tell everyone. Austen, on the other hand, insisted that he and Craig are nothing but friends. “One of these days, dude, you’re going wake the f—k up and understand I’m your biggest goddamn advocate, and I’m your goddamn brother,” he told Craig.

Naomie and Craig's Hookup is Announced Kathryn Explodes

Austen and Craig did not see eye to eye on the nature of their friendship, which was in bad circumstances, as Craig opened up to John Pringle earlier in the episode. According to Craig, Austen has been “very envious” lately. I remember it being spring when everything started,” I said. Because of our breakup, I was newly single,” Craig explained. “So now it’s summer. I’ve been hanging out with Paige, but we’re not exclusive, and I had, like, rebounded with Natalie, which only happened twice. I also informed Austen of the situation. But what Austen didn’t know is I called Paige and told her.”

Craig added that on one of Paige’s visits to Charleston

Craig added that on one of Paige’s visits to Charleston, Austen became angry with him and revealed that Craig had hooked up with Natalie the other night. The fact that Paige was unconcerned about this didn’t stop her from informing Austen that she already knew. “If Austen walked in right now, I’d hang with him,” Craig remarked, before noting, “The thing is, like, I don’t tell him secrets anymor

Naomie and Craig's Hookup is Announced Kathryn Explodes

e, I don’t trust him anymore.” John jokingly yet rightly pointed out that those were “all the wonderful cornerstones of a solid friendship.” We’ll have to wait and see how things work out for the Southern Charm group as this season is just getting started. See what’s coming up in the video below.

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