Best Cannabis Vaporizers: The 4 Best Weed Vaporizers to Buy in 2022!

The Pax 3 offers a simple vaporizing experience from beginning to end while allowing for fine-tuning the device settings—if you feel like it. It is suitable for both novice and experienced cannabis users. A packed Pax 3 lasts several delightful sessions, creating pleasing vapors without overheating, and is universally loved by a wide panel of testers as well as personnel at cannabis dispensaries around the US. Additionally, it is simpler to clean than most portable vaporizers.

Complete Pax 3 Kit

The top handheld vaporizer.

Budtenders we met with all agreed that the Pax 3 is the portable vaporizer they would purchase for themselves, and our test panel shared this opinion. Both loading and using it are simple. It warms up rapidly (in about 20 seconds), draws well, creates vapors with excellent flavor, lasts for around two of our test sessions on a single charge, and is sufficiently simple to clean without having any hard-to-reach components.

best cannabis vaporizers

The Pax 3 is entirely functioning without you ever using the Pax app, despite the fact that this model can connect to the Pax app, which lets you fiddle with the temperature and other device settings. However, we don’t care for this model’s exclusive charger, non-replaceable battery, or peculiarly shaped mouthpiece.

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AirVape Legacy

No app, better mouthpiece.

The AirVape Legacy from Apollo is exactly as simple to load and operate as the Pax 3. The Legacy uses one charge for around a session as opposed to two for the Pax 3. However, we greatly like the longer, flatter mouthpiece of the Legacy model over that of the Pax model. There isn’t any nerdy app to download; the device’s up and down arrows are all you need to change the temperature.

best cannabis vaporizers

It heats up in around 15 seconds, which is a tiny bit faster than Pax 3. In our opinion, the Legacy’s vapor flavor was a little bit thinner and had more waifish-like feathers. You don’t have to worry about losing a proprietary cable because you can charge the Legacy wirelessly or over USB-C.

Storz & Bickel Mighty

A flavorful addition that has increased weight.

The Storz & Bickel Mighty delivers the best-tasting vapors of any portable vaporizer we’ve tested, despite being significantly bigger than the Pax 3 and AirVape Legacy. This model is probably appealing to someone who intends to use it primarily at home due to its size.

best cannabis vaporizers

In comparison to all of our other options, the heat-up time is closer to 90 seconds, which is a drag. There is no app to play around with (you control all temperature and other settings on the device itself). However, we don’t appreciate how this model needs a special power adaptor.

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Firefly 2+

Excellent flavor and quick heating.

The Firefly 2+‘s chamber is transparent, unlike the chambers on our other selections, so you can see how much viable material is packed and determine when to re-up better. It has a similar feel while in use to a marijuana smoking bowl, but without the need for a lighter.

best cannabis vaporizers

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The Firefly 2+ heats up the quickest of all our recommendations, taking three to five seconds to reach operating temperature. The Firefly 2+, like the Pax 3, can connect to an app to adjust settings like temperature. The Firefly 2+ utilizes a proprietary charger, just like the Pax 3 and the AirVape Legacy.