Best Films of 2022: “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Bros,” and More Updates!

Greetings from the movie section of the realm of popular culture. You do recall watching movies? The best and brightest offers shone on the big screen just three years ago. (Among your varied 2019 offerings were widely praised successes like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Knives Out, and Parasite.)

The coronavirus pandemic, however, completely altered everything: Who needs to pay to watch Cate Blanchett in the cerebral and elitist drama TAR when the incredibly meaty White Lotus and The Crown are available from right there on the couch?

Even if the business hasn’t fully recovered, 2022 movies have nonetheless been successful. Think back to January and February of last year, when movies were dumped after all those high-profile and well-liked holiday releases. We got a perfectly adequate installment of Scream (with a pre-Wednesday Jennifer Ortega), Channing Tatum‘s endearing comeback film in Dog, the consistently dependable J. Loplaying yet another wife in Marry Me, and even the ridiculously amazingJackass Forever.

Top Gun: Maverick

Although the traditional moviegoing experience is evolving, people continue to turn out to watch classic movie stars in their natural habitat. Think George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt (Bullet Train), Sandra Bullock (The Lost City), and (Ticket to Paradise). Naturally, our last genuine movie star flew higher than anyone else.

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Now we have reached another year-end roundup. The harvest for 2022 includes a stunning biopic, an offbeat rom-com, and hard-hitting tragedies. They made us smile, learn, and experience a wide range of emotions, and, well, they took our breath away.

Only two brief codas 1. Before the press screening of Avatar: The Way of Water, this list was put together. had positive reports! 2. I’m sorry, but I had a hard time accepting the year’s sleeper hit, Everything Everywhere All at Once. (See also Coda! In March, it actually took home the Best Picture Oscar.)