Best Music Streaming Service: A List of The Top Music Streaming Services with Free Trials and Open Access!

top streaming services for music Buying Guide: Thank you for visiting What Hi-Ficompilation ?’s of the top music streaming services available for subscription in 2022. Even audiophiles who have a steadfast preference for physical formats must concede that streaming services have changed the way we consume music. This is especially true now that streaming quality is improving. It is difficult to fully resist the allure of online platforms when it comes to satisfying your need for music.

It has never been simpler to seek down old favorites or discover brand-new bands and artists because the entire history of music has been incorporated into the present streaming era and is available at the touch of a touchscreen.

How to pick a music streaming service that’s good for you

There are several different streaming services available, each of which offers limitless access to huge music libraries that can be downloaded directly to your device for offline listening or streamed via the internet or a mobile network.

The good news is that most services give new customers free trials, usually lasting a month but occasionally lasting up to three. Some, like Spotify, also have a free tier (supported by advertisements with restricted playback options), allowing you to test out a service’s interface and curation before you decide to subscribe.

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The most well-known service in the history of music streaming is Spotify. It provides several carefully curated music discovery services, like its Discover Weekly playlist, and is consistently introducing new ones, including Stations. With a focus on podcasts, it has also stepped up its nonmusic programming, which inadvertently caused folk-rock legend Neil Young to remove his music from the service.


Spotify Premium edges out Apple Music as the best music streaming service overall, but it’s a close fight when it comes to picking a service.

iPod Touch

Best Substitute for Spotify

Although it has fewer subscribers than Spotify, Apple Music outperforms its competitor in one crucial area. Yes, it features high-resolution lossless and spatial audio albums at no additional cost, however, Apple won’t specify how many tracks are included. Along with over 90 million songs and support for iOS and Android devices, Apple Music also has a user-friendly design. Even though it makes the most sense for Apple users, Music is a terrific option if you’ve invested extensively in smart speakers, whether from Apple or Google.

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Optimal for Audiophiles

In contrast to Tidal, Qobuz also provides high-resolution audio streams, and you may listen to them without a hardware MQA decoder. They are versatile and sound amazing on both an Android phone and a top-notch music system.


Even if other providers don’t have a very outstanding selection of tracks that are considered to be “immersive,” Qobuz does. The service offers two plans: hi-res Studio Premier ($13 monthly or $130 annually) and Sublime Plus ($180 annually). The service features a unique high-res download store, and if you sign up for Sublime, you can save money on purchases.


Ideal for paying artists

Recently, Tidal underwent some significant modifications, including the addition of a free tier that is appropriately named Tidal Free. Tidal is now partially owned by Jack Dorsey’s Block. The business also provides the $20 Tidal HiFi Plus tier, which is more expensive, and the $10 Tidal HiFi plan, which includes lossless playback. While Tidal HiFi Plus may be the most expensive of all the services, it now has another solid justification for this since it provides high-res and Dolby Atmos mixes.


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Google Play Music Unlimited

optimal for Prime members

Although consumers have the option to upgrade to Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music is “free” as part of a Prime subscription. The step-up now includes the original HD service at a cost of $8 for Prime members and $10 for non-Prime users in addition to an expanded repertoire. You can now play millions of lossless tunes from Music Unlimited on Dolby Atmos soundbars, Android or iOS smartphones, the Amazon Echo Studio, and more than 1,000 “spatial” remixes.