Best Way to Store Cannabis Seeds: How To Store Cannabis Seeds for Long Term!

You may forget about growing a crop of high-quality marijuana if you don’t start with outstanding seeds. Many gardeners appear to be unaware of this one basic fact: Your seeds are living! Cannabis seeds are fairly resilient, but poor storage can damage them. A full batch loss is an expensive error if you’re paying $10–$20 per seed.

Your marijuana seeds are similar to animals that are hibernating before they germinate. Your seeds could perish if you don’t treat them properly, just like any other living thing. The good news is that, when stored properly, cannabis seeds can last for five years after harvest.

We explain how to store and preserve your cannabis seeds in this article. We pay special attention to:

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Storage
  • Bugs & Insects

Protecting Your Marijuana Seeds from Light

Your seeds must be stored in a dry, dark, and cool environment. Keep the seeds in their original container if at all possible. Cannabis seeds start utilizing their nutrition reserve when they are exposed to temperature variations or light. They won’t have the nutrients to germinate at the end, which is a catastrophe.

best way to store cannabis seeds

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What Temperature Is Ideal for Storage?

Between 43 and 47 degrees, Fahrenheit is the ideal range for storing cannabis seeds. Your seed is less likely to germinate unexpectedly the lower the temperature is. The majority of seasoned gardeners keep their seeds in dedicated refrigerators. Your fridge should ideally not frost. Even better would be to put the seeds in the fruit and vegetable section.

How Does Humidity Fit In?

Here is a brief summary of what would probably occur to cannabis seedlings at various humidity levels:

8%: Insects and other pests will be drawn to the seeds.

9–20%: The likelihood of developing fungus on the inside and outside of your seeds. At less than 20% humidity, they start to perspire. In the correct circumstances, 8-10 percent is a “sweet spot” for long-term preservation, though.

The optimal humidity range for cannabis seed storage is between 21 and 30 percent.

The germination zone is between 31% and 60% humidity, especially if it exceeds 40%.

With a humidity level of 61 percent or more, your seeds are in danger. Your seeds will begin to wilt and eventually perish after it reaches 80%.

A specific amount of moisture is required for the germination of your cannabis seeds. Your stored seeds will rot if the humidity level is too high. Only long-term storage requires a very low level of humidity, around 8 to 10 percent. Any insects in the seeds have the opportunity to become active and begin reproducing if it falls below 8 percent.

best way to store cannabis seeds

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How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds Correctly

You now realize that you need to store the seeds out of direct sunlight. The requirement for a refrigerator-like temperature and a reasonably low humidity level has also been discussed. Depending on how long you plan to store the seeds, various solutions are available.


A dark drawer or cabinet will do if you only need temporary storage. No matter how long anything is stored, the most crucial thing is to prevent temperature and humidity changes. Your seeds may be destroyed, especially if the temperature changes rapidly. Avoid outside storage if you are in an area with cold nights and warm days.

The seeds should be kept in a desiccant-filled container for short-term storage. It should be sealed and kept in a cool, dark location.


Use an airtight container whenever you’re storing something for a medium amount of time (a few months). Mason jars and Ziploc bags are two examples. Put this tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that changing the temperature of your refrigerator might have a big impact. It is therefore great if you have a second refrigerator that is rarely used.

Remember that modern refrigerators have low humidity levels as well. Your seeds will start nutrient-consuming processes if the humidity is too low.


Utilize a vacuum-sealed container if you intend to keep your seeds in storage for at least six months. Eliminating all of the air from a Ziploc bag will produce this result. Additionally, special vacuum-sealed containers are offered online. Place the refrigerator door-sealed bag in a hidden container.

Additionally, you have the choice of freezing the seeds. But keep in mind that after removal, you must germinate them very away.

best way to store cannabis seeds

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A Word on Insects and Pests

Imagine investing over $100 in seeds, going through the hassle of preserving them, only to discover that pests ruined them. Unfortunately, all of your seeds will be destroyed by just one insect in a container. Avoiding exposure to extremely low humidity should be your first priority. But this is the exact thing you should do for long-term storage!