BFF Goals! Michelle and Busy Have Girls’ Night at Critics’ Choice Awards.

BFFs turned from coworkers! Even now, fans of Dawson’s Creek still talk about the Joey, Pacey, and Dawson love triangle. However, many viewers are even larger lovers of the Buffy Philipps and Michelle Williams friendship, which also had its beginnings on the teen drama.

For the first three seasons of the WB series, Williams played Jen Lindley; in season 4, Philipps joined the cast as Joey’s (Katie Holmes) college roommate, Audrey Liddell. Instant spark aside, the two women are still very much a part of each other’s lives more than 20 years later.

The former star of Busy Tonight frequently expresses her pride in the Oscar candidate while accompanying her closest buddy on the red carpet over the years.

BFF Goals! Michelle and Busy Have Girls’ Night at Critics’ Choice Awards.

We met 20 years ago, which is absurd given that we are still only 27, Philipps jokingly wrote on Instagram in September 2020 in honour of Williams’ 40th birthday. I sincerely wish I could be with my buddy tonight as we celebrate all that she has accomplished. And to express to her in person how grateful I will always be happy we connected all those years ago because there is no one I would rather face all the challenges with, rejoice in all the beautiful things, cry and laugh and drink and not drink with.

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TheCougar Townalum said, “I can’t wait to grow elderly someday with my pal and go to farmers markets in the country with [Michelle] wearing some huge sun hat, shielding her still flawless porcelain skin.”

Philipps spoke exclusively to Us Weekly in January 2021 about her and Williams’ preferred awards season routine, the post-show breakdown.

Everyone exclaimed, “Oh, we adore seeing you at the award shows together,” following any awards ceremony. TheGirls5Evastar stated, “We always wind up back at her hotel room because she doesn’t reside in Los Angeles, and we just get undone together.”

BFF Goals! Michelle and Busy Have Girls’ Night at Critics’ Choice Awards.

Before going to eat at Jon & Vinny’s, Philipps observed that the females remove their extensions, put on sweats, and get comfy. She jokingly said, “Since we don’t smoke, [we are] a little bit like old lady glamour, without the cigarettes.

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The presenter of the podcast Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best said she wouldn’t rule out working with Williams again shortly four months later. The dynamic duo’s most recent collaboration was in Amy Schumer‘s 2018 film I Feel Pretty.

She stated in May 2021 that everything worked out since her then-husband Marc Silverstein was in charge of the direction. Now that Tommy [Kail] is a director as well, I suppose we may ask him to direct something for the two of us.

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