Booyah App: Automatically Generate Free Fire Match Highlights!

BOOYAH!, an all-in-one platform for gaming videos, has been introduced in India by Garena, a well-known international online games developer, and publisher. BOOYAH!, which is accessible through its web version as well as the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store, aims to unite the gaming community by providing a platform for users of all backgrounds to produce their own video content, chat with others who share their interests and play alongside their favorite streamers.

Additionally, a number of unique events are being held by BOOYAH! to provide users the chance to win in-game gifts for Free Fire and real money (in USD).

BOOYAH! Features

BOOYAH! is an all-in-one platform that enables players to find and share video material that is relevant to video games.

booyah app

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Live Streaming

Users will be able to broadcast their own gaming live on BOOYAH! as well as to popular streaming sites like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Twitch. Users will be able to restream and talk with viewers simultaneously across all platforms for free.

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Automatically Generate Free Fire Match Highlights

Users will be able to connect their Free Fire accounts to BOOYAH!, which will enable them to create an automatic compilation of each match’s highlights, including kills, near-misses, and of course, the BOOYAH! Players will be able to share their highlights on social media with a few simple clicks and establish themselves as video game celebrities. They have the option of saving these videos to their gadgets.

booyah app
  • A video must be uploaded
  • Video game content will be able to be uploaded by users from their devices.
  • With Their Favorite Streamers, Play
  • Streams have the ability to design unique spaces where their fans can play with their favorite streamers.
  • Events, YAY!

BOOYAH! has an exciting line-up of weekly events in the coming months to reward users.

The Streamer Power and Diamond x Streamer events, which were introduced in April and ran every week throughout the entire month, offered viewers the chance to win Free Fire loot by watching our BOOYAH!-verified broadcasters. In May, Streamer Power will continue with more diverse products and a better chance of winning. Streamers can collect BOOYAH Tickets by performing various Daily Tasks and earning Free Fire Diamonds as rewards. The current chapter of Daily Tasks, which ended on April 26, will begin a new chapter on May 11.

booyah app

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Popular streamers can begin receiving real money (in USD) or Free Fire Diamonds via the Streamer Program on May 1.