BTS, NCT Dream, and Other K-pop Stars Will Perform at The Fact Music Awards in 2022.

The Fact Music Awards 2022, which start on October 8th, will officially kick off the K-pop award season. BTS, Stray Kids, NCT Dream, and a handful of other rockstar K-pop stars with international acclaim are among the glam-studded artists on the TMA 2022 schedule. The Fact Music Awards 2022 performances are listed in full below.

The Fact Music Awards 2022 are being held at the KSPO Dome and are being hosted by Girls Generation beauty Seohyun and TV personality Jun Hyun Moo (Olympics Gymnastic Stadium).

TMA 2022 will have a unique red carpet event in addition to a promising main ceremony on October 8 at 4.30 PM KST/3.30 PM ET.

The Fact Music Awards 2022 performers’ lineup

A number of internationally renowned Korean celebrities have been teased for the Fact Music Awards 2022 performance lineup, including the Grammy-nominated septet BTS, Stray Kids, fourth-gen rockstars TXT, and rookies like New Jeans and Le Serafim.

The whole list is provided below.

First Lineup

  • The Boyz
  • ITZY
  • Tomorrow X Together (TXT)
  • IVE

Second Line

  • Stray Kids
  • (G)IDLE
  • Le Sserafim
  • Kep1er


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Third Line Up

  • Kang Daniel
  • Hwang Chiyeul
  • Kim Hojoong


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Fourth Line

  • Ateez
  • Treasure
  • New Jeans
  • TNX

Fifth Line

  • Psy
  • Lim Woong Young

Last Lineup

  • BTS
  • NCT Dream


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International Airtime of TMA 2022

The start time for the Fact Music Awards 2022 is 6.30 p.m. KST/5.30 a.m. ET.

A red carpet ceremony will start at 4.30 pm KST/3.30 am ET before the main event.

View the international airtime for the main ceremony here.

How to live stream Fact Music Awards 2022

Depending on the viewer’s country, the Fact Music Awards 2022 may be live-streamed on a variety of streaming services.

TMA 2022KOOKY is available on Vimeo for viewers in North and South America.

Through the Idolplus app, viewers in Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia can watch the program.

Fans of Taiwan and Vietnam can watch the program on Afreeca TV’s respective official stations, kpoptw and kpopvn, respectively. The show is available to viewers in Thailand on the channel kpopth of Afreeca TV.

On the other hand, fans in Europe and the Middle East can view the Fact Music Awards 2022 on the official YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF FACT.