Call of Duty Mobile: Do Pc Versions of Co D: Mobile Support Crossplay?

One of the top mobile games in the world is Call of Duty: Mobile, which recently entered its seventh season in 2021. CoD: Mobile serves as a center for the earlier games, with a ton of beloved Operators, settings, and weaponry.

Some people prefer to play Call of Duty on their computer even though all of this stuff is readily accessible to iOS and Android users. We’ll show you how to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC, which is a fortunate alternative.

How to get CoD: Mobile for PC

You will require an emulator to play Call of Duty: Mobile on your PC. A number of mobile games may be downloaded and played on your PC using emulators, but some are better than others.

Only Gameloop is advised for using CoD: Mobile. There is a no better option because it is the official Android emulator for Call of Duty: Mobile and was originally created by Tencent.

call of duty mobile

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Here’s how to download CoD: Mobile to a computer:

  • Install the emulator by going to
  • Search for Call of Duty: Mobile in Gameloop after installation.
  • Press “Install” after selecting CoD: Mobile.
  • The game will launch automatically after installation.
  • Using the Gameloop launcher, choose “Library” to find it once more.

Do PC versions of CoD: Mobile support crossplay?

Using a mouse and keyboard to aim while playing Call of Duty: Mobile on a large monitor is thought to give an unfair edge to some. Because of this, the creators set up a distinct matchmaking system for users of emulators. So, if you’re using an emulator, your only competition will be other emulator users. Additionally, if you wish to hang out with a mobile player, you will be in a lobby with both emulators and mobile gamers.

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Find out more about Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Call of Duty: Mobile, the most anticipated FPS mobile game of the century, is now available thanks to Tencent Gaming. The touch controls in this shooting game are surprisingly simple to learn and use, and the graphics are amazing.

call of duty mobile

Even on more aged smartphones, shooting and moving feel excellent, and secondary weapons and skills are readily available. There is even a “Simple” mode where your weapon will fire automatically when pointed at an enemy. To begin the battle, click the download button above.

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Call Of Duty Battle Royale is another Universe

Two Basic modes that are further separated into their own categories are supported by Call of Duty: Mobile. All 100-player battles in Battle Royale, in which you must maintain your team of four players for the entire game, are free to play. The second option is referred to as Multiplayer Mode. Your squad consists of 5 players in this mode.

However, because of the more closely regulated kill and point totals, 5v5 matches are short, just lasting a few minutes. With the most recent improvements in Call of Duty: Mobile that come with each new season, new modes continue to be added. Visit the developer’s website to learn about the most recent news and new maps.

Call of Duty Update for April 2021

A significant in-game feature update was included in the most recent game update, which was released in April. By adding new playlists, game modes, seasonal challenges, and events, the well-liked mobile shooter is being changed up.

call of duty mobile

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The most recent version for Android was made available on April 17 and the most recent season is officially known as Season 3: Tokyo Escape. The whole list of seasonal challenges has been gradually introduced since its introduction back in March, and it replaced Season 2. And as you are aware, the new season starts with a blank slate every time it is released. This immerses players in a setting with a theme inspired by ancient Japan.