Cast of “Outer Banks” Unscripted Comments on Shooting Steamy Sex and Kissing Scenes.

Promoting Love. From JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kiara’s (Madison Bailey) beautiful reunion to John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah’s (Madelyn Cline) first date, the actors of the Outer Banks have openly addressed how they bring the audience’s most steamy moments to life.

A treasure hunt that drew a group of youngsters together was featured in the popular Netflix series, which debuted in 2021. The group split up into several pairings along the road as they searched for the stolen gold.

The romance between John B and Sarah was at the heart of the first season. Cline claims that the program went above and beyond to ensure that viewers would remember the couple’s first kiss.

Cast of "Outer Banks" Unscripted Comments on Shooting Steamy Sex and Kissing Scenes.

I can still picture Chase, [creator]Jonas [Pate], and I kind of share a glance before saying, “Let’s do it.” We must take action. She remarked to Cosmopolitan in May 2020 that exploiting the inclement weather to their advantage is great, that it is kismet at this very moment, and that it is really romantic.

Because it’s asking a lot of people to stand outside in the rain, we checked with our camera department and everyone else to make sure it was okay. Hell yes, we’re doing this, the crew exclaimed, channeling their inner Notebook. We spent the entire day making sure we did that sequence justice, so, yeah.

As viewers questioned Cline and Stokes’ relationship status off-screen, they raised their eyebrows. The Maryland native subsequently described how, while working on season 1, he and his coworker sought to suppress their emotions.

We were so worried about the presentation at that time and about making mistakes all the time. I believe that we were all operating under the somewhat peculiar premise that, “Dear God, we have an opportunity.” Let’s avoid messing things up! So, up until the day we wrapped, it was really just constantly work-oriented, he exclusively told US Weekly in February 2021.

We didn’t start to question whether there was something going on or whether we were just going crazy until after that when we kind of entered the [coronavirus] lockdown. That sort of blossomed from there on out. I guess we were just so dedicated to the task at hand.

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Unverified in November 2021 that the couple had called it quits after dating for more than a year. Stokes and Cline talked about their approach to working together when the pair came back to film season 3.

Cast of "Outer Banks" Unscripted Comments on Shooting Steamy Sex and Kissing Scenes.

The actor told Entertainment Weekly in February 2023, “Mads and I have been working together for 30 episodes, and we made a promise to each other before we ever started dating that the work was always going to come first. And that we’re always going to honor the work, regardless of what happens in our personal lives or the ways that life sometimes leads us in various paths. That remained entirely accurate throughout the season.

Cline, for her part, commended Stokes and her for maintaining a professional demeanor on site.

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We have always maintained that the work is unfinished. She told Cosmopolitan that same month that nothing else, positive or negative, would affect her career. While that’s not always simple, it’s our responsibility to leave the season and the program in a better place than we found them. And for that, I’m sincerely grateful.

Cast of "Outer Banks" Unscripted Comments on Shooting Steamy Sex and Kissing Scenes.