Celebrities Have Over the Years Revealed Sexy Secrets.!

TMI doesn’t exist at all! Many celebrities don’t hold back while discussing their sex lives in public.

Chrissy Teigen chose to be upfront about her marriage to John Legend and their sexual relationship after they got married in 2013 after dating for six years.

The model stated to Cosmopolitan in 2014, “We’re not crazy deaky, but let’s just say, we’re open to stuff.” We have no issues with PDA. He enjoys it when I wear a dress to a restaurant so he can stroke my upper thighs. More men and wives making out would be great to witness!

The author of the cookbook went on to explain how the pair was able to join the Mile High Club.

We were traveling in commercial first class as we made our way to Thailand to visit my folks. We had a blanket covering us. She remarked at the time that we weren’t even in one of those pod things. I believe that merits a trophy for us.

Celebrities Have Over the Years Revealed Sexy Secret

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 In addition, Miley Cyrus is renowned for being open about her personal life. After meeting on the set of The Last Song in 2009, the former Disney employee began dating Liam Hemsworth. Three years later, they became engaged, and the following year, they split up. Two years after the couple’s romance was reignited in 2016, Cyrus opened out about how Hemsworth’s quick action after the California wildfires made her feel really grateful.

For rescuing the animals, he received a lot of attention. The artist told Howard Stern in December 2018 that they had to make sure he understood how appreciative they were. She added, “That’s what FaceTime is for,” hinting at how the twosome managed their long-distance relationship. Cybersex.

Less than a year after being hitched, Cyrus and Hemsworth again parted, but the singer persisted in putting everything on the table. Cyrus reflected on her experience as Hannah Montana and shared the moment she realized she had to leave the part that had launched her career.

Celebrities Have Over the Years Revealed Sexy Secret

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I kind of felt like I couldn’t put the f*king wig back on after having sex. Things started to get strange.

She said to Ellen in July 2019 that it simply seemed like she had grown up, adding that she enjoys the way being sexual makes her feel but never performs for guys. They shouldn’t feel proud of themselves if they believe that my career choices have anything to do with their enjoyment.