Best Chat Apps for Android and iOS (2022 Update)

While instant messaging apps have made keeping in touch simpler than ever before, there is a bewildering array of options out there. You should be sure an app serves a useful purpose before installing it on your mobile device. Inquire critically into the following:

Can I Use This App to Have a Voice Conversation or Video Conference?

  • May I install it on my desktop computer?
  • How many commercials, if any, can we expect to see?
  • Can I start a conversation with multiple people at once?
  • Will I have access to file sharing?
  • How safe are my communications going to be?

Can I Access It without Paying Anything?

Because of my work as a digital nomad and freelancer, I regularly communicate with people all over the world. Of course I’ve tried all the popular messaging platforms out there. Keeping in touch with the people who matter to you is critical whether or not your requirements are identical to mine.

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One of The World’s Most Popular Apps, Whats App

chat apps

Almost certainly all of you are already familiar with WhatsApp, and for good reason. Using an easy-to-navigate interface, WhatsApp is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to make free phone conversations, send and receive video messages, and keep in constant contact with friends and family.

Downloadable desktop versions of WhatsApp exist for Windows and Mac, while the web-based client works with any browser.

Since WhatsApp has more users than any other messaging service, it’s likely that many of your contacts, both personal and professional, are already using it. As long as the person you have in your phone’s address book also has the app, you will be linked together.

More U.S. residents are communicating over Facebook’s Messenger service than ever before. With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is not only the most popular social media platform but also the second most popular messaging app. It is estimated that Facebook Messenger has 105 million users in the United States.

If you both have a Facebook account, you can chat with each other for free using Messenger. You can download the app and sign up for a Messenger account independently of your Facebook account.

It’s similar to WhatsApp in that you may communicate with other Messenger users by text, voice call, or video call. Stay in touch no matter what device you’re using thanks to the ability to make phone calls to computers and vice versa.

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A Series: Line Has Many Useful Functions

In East Asia, Line has become very popular. When it comes to messaging apps, this one has more than 200 million users in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan combined.

This chat program may not be as widely used as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but it is filled with useful features nonetheless. A few examples are Line Games, a multiplayer game app, Line Pay, for sending and receiving money, Line Taxi for hailing a cab, and Line Today, a news app that compiles the day’s top stories.

Snapchat: Tons of Laugh-Out-Loud Filters

Snapchat, a messaging software available on iOS and Android, is another fantastic tool. This app is unique in that it allows you to transmit time-limited, multimedia “snaps” that are deleted after being seen.

Snaps can be shared publicly with all of your followers or given to a specific person for their eyes only. This software is another option for instantaneous voice and video communication.

SnapChat was among the first messaging services to incorporate AR filters for use on outgoing messages. These entertaining filters can transform your appearance into that of an alien, an animated character, or even a stormy sky.

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We Chat Is the Most Widely Used Messaging App in China

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WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China, used by over a billion people every day, and the third most popular messaging app in the world. This could be one of your greatest options for contacting individuals in China, as many other popular chat apps are currently unavailable there.

A lot of people consider WeChat to be “the app for everything.” Its functionality extends well beyond that of a regular chat room. Some examples are the ability to make social media posts or payments on the go, as well as sharing your location or broadcasting to many people.

WeChat’s ability to process mobile payments is so advanced that the app has been called a major threat to established payment systems like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Skype Is Perfect for Making Domestic Calls

One of the best alternatives is Skype, which has been around for a while and is widely used. The app’s main selling point is that it’s totally free to use for everything from texting to video calling to making regular old phone calls to other users.

Some of Skype’s capabilities, like calling landlines, cost money. It is possible to make conventional phone calls to regular phone numbers (both cell phones and landlines). This function, however, does not come without a price, and this price may change based on the destination of your call.

Need to have simultaneous conversations with several people? In the free version, you can have a conference call with up to 25 participants.